Hello! Scott here with another blog post and another introspective journey for you to take. In this blog post, I will explain how to generate traffic to your website, blog, or business in 2023.

I will start February by saying that I will eventually come out with a course on generating traffic with an over-the-shoulder view of how I generate traffic. The results will blow your mind as I take you through that course! You can go here to put your email in to be the first to hear about my class if interested. It will go in-depth as I tell you more about the truths of generating traffic and what is good to use for traffic and what is not.

Also, while you are at it, check out this webinar when you get a chance, as it changed my life, and I am confident that anyone who watches it will have their life changed as well. Now with all that out of the way, let’s start talking about the grey area known as traffic.

When I say the grey area, I mean it is a very touchy topic. Touchy in the sense that it is still hard for some to figure out how to get traffic to their site. Everyone automatically thinks, “Well, I’ll just go to Facebook and get traffic there.” That’s why you need to read this post further and understand why I am giving helpful hints as to what you can use to boost traffic to your site.

Ok, Scott, What Is Online Traffic?

When I say traffic, many people who might be new to the online space might think I am talking about a rush hour on the QEW (A well-known highway around where I live.). This is different from the type of traffic I am talking about, but we can use road traffic as a theory.

Traffic travels on roads, correct? Think of the online space as your roadway. You need to be able to create a route to the town or destination (Which, in this case, will be your website, blog, or business).

How you build your route will depend on how you decide to drive traffic. By the end of this blog, you will understand what to look for and, of course, the don’ts of building your roadway.

Blog posts

Blogging has been around for a while now and has become very popular over the years. Blogs are one of the most clever ways how to drive traffic. It can be used to drive traffic to a destination by writing a blog post on a topic you are most passionate about and is a mighty weapon in building a roadway to your website, blog, or business.

For instance, I am writing this blog on traffic generation, which I am passionate about because I see people making the same mistakes daily with traffic generation. I want to help people clear the daily errors they make with traffic generation and help them realize there are better ways.

Blogging and where you put your blog posts can help drive traffic to your blogging website. You can also use hyperlinks and whatnot to show people where they can go to view your other blogs within a post. If you can find someone offering a website to post a blog to get people to go to your website, that will also help you.

By this, I mean if you know of or know someone personally who has a blog hosting website where they allow other people to post blogs to their site, I say go for it because, with hyperlinks added in, you can get quite a bit of traffic to go through to your site.

Blogging is compelling, as I said, and can be even more potent with paid ads, But for the sake of this post, I will try to keep it as accessible as possible.

Social Media.

In my traffic generation course, I will touch on each social media platform and how it relates to leading traffic to a blog, business, or website. There are many pros and cons of each platform you may use.

I wouldn’t say I like using social media because I find social media to be slow going, and you have a lot to watch out for if you don’t have proper measures to protect yourself on the platform.

What I mean by that last sentence is that in social media nowadays, you must be careful of what kind of traffic you are getting from each source. Social media can be an uphill battle, especially if you are trying to get clicks, comments, or sales on your website, blog, or business.

I am talking about bots that many people in the technological world make, thinking they are helping people improve their traffic. Often people also sell bots on websites to send you, which can also be horrible. You will get a massive influx of people following you, clicking, and many other things, but they are fake accounts.

The problem is bots are the bane of the internet world. They will generate clicks to your website, blog, or business, and that’s as far as it will go. The bots will click on it, and you will get a notification that someone clicked on your post with your blog, website, or business, but that’s as far as it will go.

You will not get any comments, you won’t get any sales, and you will not gain any authority or new traffic. The bots don’t feel. They aren’t even human. They are just dead accounts that click on your post or link, and that is it.

See what I mean? They are horrible. This is only one of the horror stories of using social media. It doesn’t stop there, either. This is why my course, when it comes out, talking about Traffic Generation will be perfect for you. Remember, you can click here to get on my list, so you have first dibs on my course.

Solo Ads

I don’t want to give too much upfront, but this resource is one of the best traffic sources. It is almost better, though, for a business to have solo ads. You can also use them to generate a list of email respondents that will go to your blog, website, or business.

Now that I’ve explained solo ads, here’s what you must watch out for. It would be best to watch who you are getting the solo ads from. You must check their customer rating and must check to make sure they have good quality traffic, or you will end up with traffic that is full of bots.

Also, consider that you will have to pay for solo ads, but I promise you that the solo ads are a perfect way of generating traffic, and although it isn’t free, they can still be rewarding.

Offline traffic generation

This in itself can be an accessible way to generate traffic. The old-fashioned “Word of mouth” Is still a smart way to generate traffic.

The more you talk about your blog, website, or business in the real world, the more people will ask questions about it and ask you for your website, blog, or company URL. Ever since starting my own business after watching this webinar, I have become someone who even has authority in the real world by spreading my online business through word of mouth.

I have generated much interest in my business online by talking about it with friends, family, and even strangers. They speak to me about it, ask questions and eventually ask for the URL to my business.

Word of mouth still exists worldwide, and it is still the most accessible way to generate traffic. It will also show you have authority over whatever you are doing.

These are just some ways you can generate traffic to your sites. How you do, is totally up to you.

What Is My Recommended Way To Generate Traffic?

I use Soloads and blogging to generate most of my traffic. These are the best means to generate most of my traffic because with solo ads you get traffic by buying it safely (And as long as you take the precautions I mentioned above.), and blogging can also be an excellent way to get traffic as well.

I’m not particularly eager to use social media as it has some issues and roadblocks.

I also love to use word of mouth. I generate traffic daily by word of mouth by telling friends, family, and strangers about my online business, for instance, and cause quite a bit of interest. How I explain it to them usually has them asking more questions, and by the end, I get some new traffic.

Remember, we are trying to build a route to our website, blog, or business. We want the roadway to have fewer roadblocks. Social media has many roadblocks throughout the platforms. This means that our road will take a lot of work to build interest toward our goal of getting more traffic. Though it can be done, it is less recommended.

Think of building a new route, roadway, street, etc. It is sometimes not worth going through an area with trees, rocks, and swamps to make the road. Why would you choose that type of road building with that many obstacles in your way?

That being said, social media has a lot of roadblocks. It is full of bots, and you can end up on the blocked list on the social platform. It isn’t worth it to try and use social media. I have been on the blocked list many times on social media because I was trying to generate traffic. If you want to hear more later in the year about generating traffic, make sure to Click here to make sure you get the first shot on my Traffic Generation course I am bringing out.

In Conclusion.

So that is the 2023 way to generate traffic. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog. I’m letting you know once again about my upcoming course that I am making on the topic of traffic generation tactics. It will have much more information in an e-book format and how-to-videos on the subject. There are a lot more truths and knowledge behind traffic generation. You can go here to this link.

Also, if you are interested in starting an online business and need help figuring out where to start, then go to this link. It will take you to a webinar explaining how to get started in the business world. It will also get you on my list, and I will notify you when my traffic generation course comes out so you can personally go and take a look at it. You will be the very first to know about it before anyone else.

Enjoy your February, and I hope your 2023 is going well. Stay cool!

This is a guest post from Scott Dubois if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

    1 Response to "How to Generate Traffic In 2023 To Your Website, Blog, or Business."

    • Jim Davis

      Hi Scott! Thank you for sharing your insights on generating website, blog, and business traffic. Your explanation of traffic as a roadway is easy to understand. I learned that blogging could be a powerful tool for driving traffic by creating posts on topics that people are interested in. Hyperlinks can also be used to direct readers to other related posts.

      You also discussed social media as a traffic source but cautioned against using bots that generate fake clicks, comments, and sales. Instead, you recommended using solo ads, paid advertisements that can generate high-quality traffic if you choose reputable providers.

      Word of mouth is another way to generate traffic, and it can be as simple as telling friends and family about your website, blog, or business. I appreciate your recommendation to focus on building a route with fewer roadblocks and avoid social media if it is too difficult to navigate.

      You brought up many good points that have me rethinking the source of traffic I will most likely pursue.



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