I wanted to talk to you about social media today and how to find more leads on social media if you are running a business, and you’re always looking for leads.

You may have heard about these ways, but I’m just going to go over them. I’m going to get right into it.

Any Type of Business Will Work

I’m going to talk about places to find your next customer on social media. Any type of business will work. It doesn’t have to be network marketing. It can be anything. Basically, what you want to do is you want to go and join some Facebook groups. And if you have a minimum of at least five Facebook groups, then that’s a good number because it’s not going to overwhelm you. And you should be able to go in there and communicate with people, comment on people’s posts, provide value in there. And if somebody’s asking a question, answer that question.

Find Leads In Facebook Groups

One of the first places to find leads is in Facebook groups. This does not mean just going in there and adding a bunch of people. Add value to the group, then connect with people who comment on your post. And whatever the group is about, depending on what the group’s about, go in there and make a post that … just with no links. Just make a post and participate in the group, basically, and connect with people and build relationships that way, and be a human first.

Connecting With People

And yes, of course, you can tell people about your product and send people friend requests, once you find out you have a connection, and you have something in common. And that’s a good way to find people that you have things in common with, is going to these Facebook groups.

There are all kinds of Facebook groups. You can search for affiliate marketing groups. There are lots of groups like that, skincare groups, CBD groups, cryptocurrency groups, whatever you’re looking for. You can also go on Google and search for these groups, some of the groups will pop up on Facebook. There may be some other groups, on LinkedIn as well. Facebook is not the only platform that you can join these groups in. LinkedIn has proven to be very lucrative for people looking for opportunities.

I’m focusing on Facebook and Instagram today. Adding Facebook and Instagram Stories will create curiosity around your products. Facebook and Instagram Stories is a good way to do this because you can reach people who are not on your friends list and they must actually click on your story to view it. Making a short, three-second reel without saying anything with text and trending music is called a B-roll reel, where you’re not saying anything. It’s created purely to create brand awareness that you’re there. It’s not a sales video. It’s not where you’re talking about your product. You can do anything in these B- roll videos. You don’t have to talk. You can do a little dance. You can show yourself making a protein shake or just your daily routine. It can be anything. Okay?

B-Roll Videos

These B-roll videos are purely to start creating brand awareness about you and start getting eyes on you and what you do. And that’s the first kind of reel that you probably want to start with. This is just awareness, brand awareness.

Facebook Live Videos

Do a Facebook Live video. Always have a call to action. Just talk about something to your audience that would be helpful.

A Facebook Live video delivers some value to your perfect prospect. Don’t make it too long. I recommend 5-7 minutes. They don’t need to be that long, because the more people watch the whole thing through, the better it will help your algorithms. Some people are not going to sit there and watch a 17 to 20-minute video. If they do not watch the whole video whenever they have a chance, they can go back and watch it if they’re very interested in what you are talking about.

So, make real connections. And remember, the reason that people are on social media is to connect with others, not just go on there and buy things, although that does happen a lot on Facebook. The main reason they go there is to connect with others and provide real-time customer service with your product.

So, always be good at providing service. If somebody orders something from you, and they don’t get what they were expecting or something, make sure that they can return it or exchange it and just give good customer service, because if you don’t, they’re not going to come back to you, and they’re not going to order from you again if they don’t get service the first time around. So, just remember that service, customer service is very important.

And build brand awareness. And how you can start doing that by doing Facebook videos or “lives” and Instagram Lives and start doing reels because people are going to see those who are not even on your friend list, which is excellent.

I get more followers from my little three-second reels than I even do on my “lives” because, when people watch that whole three seconds, it really helps the Facebook algorithms.

So, if they’re interested in what your reel’s about, they’re going to start following you. When people start following you from your reels or lives, politely send them a non-spammy message and see how you can help each other.

Lives and short reels can give you a chance to create … show yourself if you’re a real person. So, let people see who you are, so they can resonate with you. And people follow the kind of people that they can feel like they can relate to. So, that’s definitely a good way to do that.

Social Recommendations

Share relevant information, and informative content, and consider social media listening. And what I mean by that is just paying attention to what other people are saying as well. And if you find something that resonates with you, don’t be hesitant to make a comment and interact with them. And don’t just put a comment on there that has a little heart or whatever. Actually, make your comment thoughtful and let them see that you are really paying attention to what you’re saying. And they’re going to automatically go on your page and start looking at your content.

And you may not have time to do that all the time, but just spending 30 minutes a day, it’s not that hard, and just to go on people’s pages and make comments. The best time to make comments on other people’s posts is right before you go live or right after. Commenting on other’s posts shows the algorithms you are real so Facebook will show your lives and reels to more people. So this is very important to give love to get love.

And encourage social recommendations. So, if you see something on there, something that you like, maybe you can go into one of those groups and talk about your recommendation for something. Or what I do a lot in the affiliate groups is recommend affiliate products. If I see somebody talking about making money or something, talk about a great product to make money with.

I would recommend watching the webinar. All you got to do is just put your name and email in and watch the webinar. It’s very interesting. It actually shows you how to create your own product, and it’s really cool. Okay?

Here is a foolproof formula anyone can follow to create a simple digital product that is Guaranteed to sell, even if you’re a total technophobe and don’t consider yourself an expert you can partner with John Thornhill to launch your first product and experience your first 5-6 figure payday, even you don’t have an email list or experience. You can find it here

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This is a guest post from Brooke Martinez if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

    1 Response to "How To Find More Leads on Social Media"

    • Jim Davis

      Hi Brooke,

      I enjoyed your blog post about using social media for business and how to find more leads. Your ideas about utilizing Facebook and Instagram effectively for business growth resonated with me. I particularly found your suggestion of being active in various Facebook groups interesting, and your advice on adding value to these groups rather than just joining and adding people is something I strongly agree with.

      Your insight into using B-roll videos for brand awareness was intriguing. I hadn’t thought about using short, no-dialogue videos to build a brand presence before. It would be great to see some examples of effective B-roll videos you’ve come across. I would also be interested to know how to measure the success of these videos beyond just views and likes. Are there specific metrics or indicators you would recommend tracking?

      I really appreciated your emphasis on providing good customer service. It is crucial in any business but especially online where a customer’s experience can significantly affect brand reputation. Your advice about being responsive and resolving issues promptly is spot on.

      I have a question about Facebook and Instagram live videos. While I understand the importance of having a call to action, I’m curious about what type of call to action you’ve found most effective in these videos. Is it better to direct viewers to a product, ask them to like and share, or encourage them to reach out with any questions?

      Your advice on interacting genuinely with others’ posts to show that we’re paying attention and that we care about their content was a great point. I think sometimes in our rush to promote our own brand, we forget to engage authentically with others. This reminder to spend at least 30 minutes a day engaging with other people’s content is something I’ll definitely keep in mind.

      Finally, you mentioned John Thornhill’s webinar about creating digital products. Do you think this strategy would work for all types of businesses? If a business is service-based, would creating a digital product still be a beneficial strategy?

      Thank you again for your thoughtful advice on leveraging social media for business. I look forward to hearing more about your strategies and experiences.

      Best Regards,


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