"100% Expert" Cachet (bleu)Internet Marketing is all about building relationships, I’m sure you’ll agree.

If you have a good relationship with your customer or potential customers, every time you promote either your product or an affiliates product, they’re more than likely be happy to whip out their wallets and buy from you. Right?

So how do you get to the point where the customer trusts and respects you?

Well firstly, if you have a list, you can do it that way, by giving away free information and promoting good quality products that help them.
However, in my opinion one of the fastest ways to build long lasting relationships where the customer not only respects and trusts you, but instantly sees you as an expert in your niche, is by being an author of your own book.

Let me explain…

Having your own book gives you instant credibility with customers and potential customers alike. You are instantly seen as an expert in your niche – whether you are one or not. Basically, the publisher or media has indirectly given your name and your business name as a referral to countless people reading it, who may need your help.

In the society we live in, anyone who is a celebrity in a certain field is looked up to. If they’re in a position of power, they must know a great deal of what you’re interested in.

Just look at all the celebrity chefs, how many people have the chefs’ cookbooks on their shelves? Or fitness TV personalities, many people have their own workout videos lining the bookshelves? That’s just the way the world works.

Take Daniel Wagner as an example. Some of you may know him, some of you may not. A little over a year ago I met him at a seminar in London. What immediately attracted me to him was he was holding a book in his hands, in fact it was his book “My Journey and the Machine.” So I approached him and we got chatting. He went on to explain that as soon as he had the book in his hands, it became an instant and incredibly powerful marketing book for him.
It was the reason people in the Internet Marketing community trusted him, and the reason he had instant credibility with customers and potential customers alike.

Another example is Financial guru Robert Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.”  He has an army of followers eager to hear what he has to say.
They’re pretty much convinced that he’s going to provide them with the most value when it comes to real-estate investing, and it all stems from the success of his book. He’s done what every other professional wants to do, separated himself from all the other competitors in his field and put himself on the forefront of his prospective customers mind, and that’s what makes writing a book one of the most powerful marketing tools any Internet Marketer can have.

Think of it this way, think of your book as a huge magnet, a magnet that instantly sucks in leads and puts them right in your lap. What’s more, clients will not only buy the book to learn from you, they will trust you enough to be repeat buyers, and that’s where the truly massive profits come into play.

Your book is an ultimate testimonial, of you and your business and as we know testimonials are one of the best marketing strategies on the planet. Just think back to when you brought your latest product, I bet deep down you were swayed to purchase from the testimonials left by others. It creates massive awareness of your skills and gives you a reach no other marketer has. That awareness and credibility can be easily translated into your business to create massive profits.

Now I can imagine what you’re probably thinking right now. “Writing a book seems too much hard work, I don’t know where to start, I need a degree to write a book!”

I’m here to tell you it’s a lot simpler than you think. What if I told you, you could write a “how to” non fiction book in a matter of weeks, even if you didn’t know anything about your chosen niche, or a novel in under a month. Would you believe me? Maybe  – maybe not, but I’m here to tell you it’s entirely possible. When I wrote my first book, I didn’t have any fancy creative writing degree and it took me just under a month to write it.

If you’re a marketer and want to distinguish yourself from the crowd, then writing your book is an absolute must. If you want to learn how to write it in the quickest time possible so you can concentrate on your other marketing efforts, then the Start Your Book Home Study Course is for you. It’s one of the most comprehensive and easy to understand writing courses on the web. It’ll teach you things like: How to pick a topic that customers can’t resist, how to write a chapter in a day, how to know exactly what’s in the book before it’s even written and how to research in the fastest time possible, and believe me when I say that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So I invite you to join a growing number of marketers who have taken the decision to write their book and put themselves ahead of the pack.

Here’s to your new adventure,

Glen Palmer

This is a guest post written by Glen Palmer, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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    • Ken Soszka

      Hi John, thanks for sharing this with us. Makes sense, I guess I’ll have to add writing a book to my list of things to get done. Glen Palmer’s course looks like a good way to start!

      Best Regards,
      Ken Soszka

    • Matt Morgan

      Hello John, hope all is well.

      It is very important to having a brand as it helps you stand out from the crowd., and giving you an authority.

      People have to remember a brand builds trust, and if your brand stands out and has its own edge then you have a chance to stand out from all the other marketers.

      Writing an ebook can be daunting but when you get it started it can be quite exiting, and is a way to get more exposure for your brand.

      Graphics, logos, and other images will make you a recognizable image for your viewers, aswell as worded slogans.

      1) Create an attractive logo which stands out from the crowd, to identify your brand.

      2) Use a graphic designer to do this unless you can do it yourself.

      3) Use your logo on all your products social bookmaking profiles, blogs, facebook, twitter etc.

      4) Be unique from the rest, and do things that nobody does, with your own twist.

      5) Use creativeness in all forms in your marketing, on your blog, in your products etc, which people will recognize and remember you for.

      6) After you have created your product and a powerful brand, write press releases and submit them to press release sites, for more exposure.

      7) Use a clever slogan for your company that people will remember, and which will stand out when being said, or read.

      8) Create a hot newsletter which people will refer to others, but make sure the value in the content is hot and useful, and not just hard selling promo offers to your list.

      10) Keep it simple. Don’t over complicate things by choosing hard to read, long names for your blog, ebook titles, products etc, but keep it simple.

      Good luck in creating a brand marketers.

      Matt Morgan

    • Hi John,

      Indeed there seems to be something about having a book under one’s belt that also changes them.

      Perhaps it is giving them posture.

      Now, not there saying look at me, look at me! but quietly knowing, and feeling very confident in their dealing with others.

      Maybe that is only perceived from the other side – as some book writers indeed have revealed nerves in private conversations!

      I asked one another about a second book…. and the response was almost a startled confession of never having thought of doing another one!

      The course mentioned indeed looks interesting, and will probably pick it up – and queue it behind some other courses still to complete!


      Posted by Jon Barry of JonBarry.co.uk

    • vinton samms

      Hi John,
      As usual, you write some excellent pieces and this one is from the same mould. I do agree with you wholeheartedly that writing can put one in a better position with one’s list of customers, whther this is going to a blog or an eBook, it does not matter.
      People like to know that they are valued and once the content is valuable, reliable and consistent then half the battle has been won. The rest relies pretty much on the marketer or would be entrepreneur to capitalise on any social capital that might have derived from these actions.

    • Joy Healey

      Great post thanks.

      I’ve written my “book” (well, 2 ebooks actually!) so I’m at the promoting stage – which I’m finding far harder than writing the book was.

      But thanks to Matt for his useful tips.

    • Steve King

      Hi Glen & John

      I agree with Glen to some degree, if the book went main street and sold in the offline world then I’m with you for the credibility stakes. I’m not so sure if it’s just an eBook sold online, especially with so much PLR around.

      I remember the first book I wrote, it was while I was on John’s Masterclass Course, I was never really happy with it even though it was full of quality info, I actually refunded the one guy that paid for it (much to his surprise)…I’m no Stephen King (or perhaps I am) and for me it was never good enough. It didn’t make me feel like I’d made it as an authority figure.

      I must admit it took me a while to get back in the saddle and write another, but I think I see it more as revenue stream rather than a form of influence…maybe I need to rethink my branding.

      Oh to be the next JK Rowling, Dan Brown or Simon Beaufoy (Full Monty)…loving the lifestyle of these guys.

      Good luck with your home study course Glen…I’m off to put pen to paper


      In a Galaxy, Far Far Away…

      I wonder if I can get a PLR licence for Star Wars 🙂

      “Darth Thornhill and the Affiliate Alliance”

    • Glenn Shepherd

      Thanks for sharing this great info. I remember reading John Chow’s thoughts on this recently. He said that he used his book like a business card, which is something that I thought was absolute genius!

    • Roger Weavers

      Hi John,

      I have recently completed my first book using your OMM program. Like Joy I an finding it hard to promote. Do you have any tips?


      • vinton samms

        Hi Roger,
        If you have written a book then it is going to be assumed that you would want to earn an income from that work? Correct so far? So here goes:
        You need to bring this to the attention of everyone you meet, both online and offline. Get someone whose opinion you trust to have a look at the material. If its good, you have nothing to worry about, word of mouth is the best advertising so use it to your advantage. Your friends and immediate family are your best support group,use this as well. If you have a blog, review it or ask some to write a review and post this to your blog. Link this post to the social networks including, facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. Use social marking services giving brief description of the book. Visit other blogs in the niche for which you have written the book and post comments or do guest posting(s).
        Roger, there are so many other ways, both free and paid that you could use but it will take up too much space here to list them. Hope this was a helpful start.

      • Hi Roger

        What is your book about, niche?

        Perhaps some of the people in here could be given a copy, and asked to give a review for you.

        Maybe the start of the testimonials for it, which maybe the start of the ball rolling.

        If the niche is suitable, I am willing to do that for you, as a start.

        Jon Barry

        • Roger Weavers

          Hi Vinton and Jon,

          Sorry for the delay in relying. Thanks for your comments. I have had the book reviewed by a number of people and promoted it on many social media channels. I have sold a few copies but I would like this to be ongoing.
          Jon, the book is about SEO. See http://www.seotrafficexplosion.net
          If anyone is interested in promoting this book I will be happy to give then a free copy.


    • Mark Healy

      Hi john

      Thanks for some great information.Branding yourself as an expert can take time but i liked your comment on creating your own book.If you look on amazon books there are authors who have come from nothing and yet are perceived as experts.

      thanks for the info


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