This blog post may just change the way you do affiliate marketing forever, so if you are into affiliate marketing please take 5 minutes out of your day to read it.

Here’s the story…

Back in 2009 I was doing okay as an affiliate, making decent money from launches I was promoting, a couple of grand here and a couple of grand there, but one day I did something that completely transformed my affiliate earnings.

I’ll tell you what I did in a moment but first let’s talk about the launch I promoted.

The launch in question was called Resale Rights Fortune, and as you can guess from the name it covered everything you needed to know about selling Resale Rights Products, it also gave you the products to sell. This was a topic I knew a lot about so I decided to promote it.

The results were astonishing, during launch week I did over $32,000 in sales and $16,000 in commissions (back then you rarely got offered more than 50% commissions) and I’ve since gone on to do $100,000 in sales and $50,000 in commissions. I also won the JV Competition and collected a few thousand dollars in prize money.

So what did I do that transformed my affiliate earnings?


Yes, as you can see by the screenshots (click to enlarge) I put together one of the most primitive bonus pages you will ever see, and that primitive page went on to generate 6 figures in sales.

rrf1 rtf2

However, there’s a lot more to this than just adding a bonus and this is what I want you to get.

First of all, I knew the subject inside out. I had been selling Resale Rights products since 2004 so I knew my stuff. Because of this I had PROOF I knew what I was talking about.

Secondly, I educated. I created a video showing how I’d earned over $250,000 selling Resale Rights products, the video was primitive too but it got the message across. People wanted to learn from me. I also made sure every single email I sent out educated people a little more about the subject.

Thirdly, I make sure my bonus would help get more from the product I was promoting. I knew people who bought Resale Rights Fortune would struggle to really get it to work, so I offered personal help and help to get traffic to their offer.

Those 3 things ensured I had a successful campaign.

So if you want to become a successful affiliate you you should make sure you have all of these areas covered.

  1. Know the subject.
  2. Educate.
  3. Offer a tailor made bonus.

To get number 3 right think to yourself, “what could I offer so the customer get’s more from the product I am promoting?”

Get that right and you will go far.

My bonuses have came a long way since I promoted Resale Rights Fortune and the pages I build look a lot better. However, these 3 fundamentals remain the same.

It’s easy to learn about any product you promote, it’s easy to educate, but offering the right bonus isn’t so easy.

Commission Gorilla makes it a lot easier and it is a game changer, but I’m going to be completely honest with you here. Unless you truly know what to do with it you may struggle. There is a lot more to it than just throwing some products on a page and hopefully this post is showing you that.

This is why the Commission Gorilla bonus I have put together with Dave Nicholson​ is a must if you want to make Commission Gorilla work. We have provided a ton of training that covers this exact subject inside out. We can show you how to make sure every promotion campaign you run is a success.

To grab this amazing training, along with all of our other bonuses which include sending traffic to your bonus offer all you need to do is buy Commission Gorilla through our link.

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    1 Response to "How a Primitive Bonus Page Generated 6 Figures in Sales"

    • Vladimir Unguru

      Well, any kind of promotion goes like a charm if you are in the business from some time.

      On the other hand, and I don’t even know if I’m quotting someone else or not, I often think to myself like this: if you do nothing, then nothing happens.

      So, to be able to offer some substantial bonus, you should provide some proof of your own results. So, this is what I’m currently doing, trying to get there.

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