Can a newbie really sell an internet marketing product on the the Warrior Forum or in JV Zoo and earn money?

If you are a nobody (a.k.a. newbie) like me and you are selling “how to” information products, your chance of getting sales and building a buyers list is from zero to slim. You just cannot teach about getting traffic and coaching those marketing tactics because you have to establish first your credibility to a tightly knitted community which will take time to nurture. You can try PLR pdfs and videos, but it won’t cut it because the WF buyers will know you are not the author or an expert you claim to be at all.

The Warrior Forum, arguably the biggest internet marketers’ forum is populated by experienced marketers and newbies looking for gurus or mentors. So how did I do it and what you should do too?

What should you be selling first if you are a newbie and have no connections?

Marketing software is the best product to sell. First, it has a higher perceived value compared to training courses, pdfs and videos. Second, if the software is top-notch, the buyers won’t give a damn if you are a newbie or not. Remember the “what’s in it for me” is the mantra of most of the buyers. The demo of the how good the software and how it can help them in their marketing efforts are the ones doing the selling.

Look at the top 3 bestselling products to date in JV Zoo below are all software. Need I say any more? The figures speak for themselves. No contest really.


But software development is costly and I am not sure if the is what the marketers want ?

There is another easy way. Buy reseller or agency rights. I have bought agency rights for $10 as a bonus from a developer many times over and have sold it and I am still selling it on JV Zoo with my own affiliates to boot. I have bought 200 reseller rights for less than $200 which I already have earned 15 times the purchase price and I’m still halfway to finish selling all the rights. I just recently paid another $10 for a product for the bonus of having my product emailed to thousands of subscribers. And guess what product I promoted?  A reseller software product I have in JVZoo and it has done well for a $10 purchase.

Look at my sales in WSO forum below. While majority of the gurus and the veterans in the Warrior Forum are selling their wares from a ridiculously 5 dollars to 17 dollars and have to answer to so many doubters, I am selling my reseller software products for… wait for it… $47 a pop. A pricey one compared to the average sale price inside the forum. You can check my WSO sales page here to learn how I presented the product.


What are the guidelines I followed in choosing a good reseller software products ?

  1. Only buy reseller rights from top-notch software developers with world class support. There are many of them but be careful of some the fly-by-night ones that disappears once the software has major problems.
  2. Make sure that the software was a best seller when launched. The software I am selling had more than 3,000 plus happy buyers. Buy only software that has sold at least a thousand with no bad feedback.
  3. Support should be handled directly by the developer himself so you will be hands off from any technical support. Your role is to make sure the buyer has no problem accessing the product. If the developer cannot do support for the life of the software, then it is a sign that it is not a good buy and may trigger refunds.

Where can I find a top-notch software I can use to build a buyers list ?

Most of these reseller softwares are on limited time only and comes as special from time to time only. However, you might qualify to receive free 4 top-notch softwares  available in Profit Canvas Pro if you are serious about list building using email autoresponders.

So where will I go from here after they bought the software ?

Every buyer will be a part of your buyers list as long as you have an autoresponder integrated into JVZoo. It is a must that you own a reseller software products in JVZoo to build a buyers list. How to develop and nurture your buyers list is another topic but in general, you should continue to give then valuable content as you go through. One example is this real experience post I shared to my buyers list which can be another stream of income for them.

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