I have. Hi! My name is Scott. Today, I will take you on an introspective journey to starting your online business and some of the trials and tribulations I faced when starting my own online business. I will also tell you where I ended up finding help and also where I didn’t find help.

I am going to take you back to when I was growing up. My parents did very well for us. We still needed help with money. I had seen a lot when it came to hardships of trying to make it off a small paycheque every two weeks.

When I grew up, I realized that with the change in minimum wages and the change of our physical jobs, it was not much better. I started a job window cleaning at twenty dollars an hour which some people would think is great, but it was not.

While growing up, I heard people say: “Make your own company. It will give you financial freedom.” So I did. I started my own company. This company was not online. I started a window cleaning company because I had enjoyed it for the last couple of years and was sure that was what I was to do.

That worked for a little bit. I ended up leaving my company because my co-owner and I did not get along anymore. I went for another year working for a boss and a company I did not like. In the fall, when I got laid off, I thought:  “There Must be something else. I must find a way to make money.”

While I was laid off, a friend told me to check out Affiliate Marketing. That night, I went to my phone and started researching “Affiliate Marketing”. To my surprise, I found an Affiliate program for Amazon. For the next three months, I would work day in and day out to try and make an income that way.

I was getting somewhere, but I needed to catch up quickly. I kept going to google to research what I could do to enhance my experience. I found that I was doing everything right and that other Affiliates were making seven-figure paycheques a year and more.

I continued so that my other half and I could have this dream of seven figures. I worked seven days a week for 6-7 weeks—over 800 hours. I still was not making any money. I had good followers on social media, good sales pitches, and put up ten to twelve items daily.

One night, sitting there listening to music, I heard a commercial come over on YouTube. “Do you want to earn a six to seven-figure year?“. I went and clicked on the commercial. Now refueled and full of fire, I did what my mentor told me. That was the night that I found my first mentor.

This did not stop me there. I went on to find more information on Affiliate Marketing and used my mentor’s teachings to find great offers for higher commissions. That was when I stumbled onto a great program that was offering high-paying commissions and went to the following webinar to check out more.

I will let you go to this page to look at his webinar. This was when the tides started turning for me. I found more information the more I looked for it. These webinars helped me, and I hope they will help you. You know what they say. Knowledge is power. By this point, I had started to gain more knowledge in a still unfamiliar world.

What should you have inside you if you consider starting an online business?

The burning desire to succeed – This was one thing that pushed me on. I never stopped believing that I could achieve. I had a burning passion for this new job and to claim it for my own.

Enough money to invest – Starting any business out there also means having the funds to do so. You must invest in your future, in new equipment, in new resources, and in your time.

Do not let things get you down when you hit a roadblock – This is a big one. One of the reasons 95% of Affiliates fail is that when things get too harsh, they bail on the whole thing because it is too hard or they are not getting seven figures now. It does not work like this. It never will work like this. It is an actual business. One that will keep working for you if you work hard and keep pushing on even in the hard times. This can be tough for a lot of people. It will pay off, I promise.

Having a business-like mind – This is also a big one. When you have a business, you must treat it like so. You must also make sure everything you do is calculated and business-like.

Acquire more knowledge – The more knowledge you acquire the more successful you will be in my opinion. Get as much information as you can, which means going and checking out multiple webinars like this one, Acquiring e-books which I could offer you as I have tons of e-books on affiliate marketing and e-marketing, and much more. To learn about this unfamiliar world you should also find what everyone else is doing and add things that coincide with what you are doing in your business. I for one didn’t take all information and tried to use it all. I took bits and pieces of everyone’s program.

Where not to look!

Do not, for the love of all that is holy, look on google. I say this because there is a lot of misinformation on google and if you are one of those people who can’t decipher what is good information and what is not good information then you should not look there. Most of the information on Google will lead you to Amazon, eBay, and other low-commission companies like Walmart. This for sure will lead you down a path of failure for sure. Those companies almost led me down the wrong way. I do not want to see other people make the same mistake; I can’t stress enough; STAY AWAY FROM THOSE COMPANIES! You will not earn high ticket commissions at all and will be sadly going back to a minimum wage job with anger towards Affiliate Marketing in no time.

In conclusion, I encourage you to continue researching other things about Affiliate Marketing or starting a different online business, as it can be enriching. Just be careful of what I have talked about and ensure that you look in the right places. Make sure you invest the time, money, and burning desire and use a business-like mind when starting an online business.

Thanks for reading, and all the best in your future endeavors.

Here is a link again for those webinars!

This is a guest post from Scott Dubois if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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    • Jim

      Dear Scott,

      Thanks for sharing your journey and experiences in starting an online business through your blog post. Your story is inspiring and informative, and I appreciate your willingness to discuss the challenges you faced.

      I particularly enjoyed your emphasis on the importance of having a strong desire to succeed, being willing to invest in your future, and maintaining a business-like mindset. Your advice to continually acquire knowledge and learn from various sources is an excellent reminder for anyone looking to start or grow their online business.

      One aspect of your post that I found particularly helpful was your warning about searching for information on Google. While it’s true that there may be misinformation out there, readers need to learn how to discern reliable sources from unreliable ones. You could provide tips or resources to help your audience better navigate the vast online information and identify trustworthy sources.

      Lastly, I commend you for sharing your valuable lesson from your first mentor and the importance of finding high-paying commission programs. It would be beneficial if you could share more details about the program you found, as well as other resources that you found helpful, to provide readers with a starting point for their research.

      Thank you again for your insightful blog post, and I wish you continued success in your online business endeavors!

      Best regards,


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