Why should you become rich?

There are so many negative connotations about being rich, much of them created, I imagine, by stressed out or maybe even jealous people whose principal concern in life is paying the rent, the electricity bill, and the water bill, so they can survive long enough to pay the rest of their bills.

But why should YOU become rich?

The answer? You should become rich so you can focus your energy on your children’s welfare, on your spouse’s healthy heart free from stress, on your pets’ well being as they are regularly checked by the vet. When it comes to the health of your family, who cares what negative people say?

You should become rich so that the twenty-dollar bill you place in your religion’s collection plate doesn’t mean you can’t take your family out to eat for Saturday or Sunday morning breakfast.

You should become rich so that when illness strikes, the stress of the medical bills doesn’t make it harder to become well again.

You should become rich so that if your child wants to study guitar or gymnastics you can afford to support their cranial development for a better future.

But there are more serious reasons why YOU should become rich.

You should become rich because your child will painfully not burden you with more financial stress, and will go without essentials needed to be successful in school. He/she will not ask you, because it causes you more pain. Trust me.

I was a psychologist in a prison and for a social services entity. One of the main reasons a child would sell drugs is that his/her parents didn’t have enough money to support his/her needs for future success. His/her parents couldn’t afford more tutoring, couldn’t afford a more nutritious diet, couldn’t afford clothing that didn’t cause embarrassment, couldn’t afford to pay for extracurricular activities at school, couldn’t afford to pay for uniforms for those activities, couldn’t afford the gas to take and pick up their children for those activities.

So the child, who can’t work legally anywhere else, sells drugs. He/she does this so he/she can afford what s/he wants to put their effort into, only to have those same drugs rip the ambition completely out of the child, who is still cranially developing.

Those are VERY serious reasons why you should be rich. These children end up in jail. Look at the word “children” and tell me if those who repeat negative connotations about rich people are right or irresponsibly judging what they do not know.

So the solution?

Children can make money legally on the internet.

Parents can work on the internet FROM HOME instead of leaving their children unsupervised.

There is A LOT of money to be made from affiliate marketing, especially through John Thornhill’s




John takes you step by step to financial well being without selling your family out.

I am SO proud to be part of his Ambassador Affiliate Program. He believes in and focuses on helping people. It drives him to produce better and better programs for his affiliates. He knows the consequences of not being humanly actualized for the people around him, verses being humanly optimized so that everything he touches benefits those around him.

He sees these programs as a solution to so much unnecessary human pain. Please give yourselves a chance, believe in yourselves, follow his programs. He wants you to be successful, happy, healthy, at peace, and capable of giving those same attributes to others.

God Bless,

Molly Castillo
Business Name: Love 4 My Family

This is a guest post from Molly Castillo, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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    • Andrew Blackburn

      Great article Molly. I used to have a really destructive perspective on money and being rich whilst also wanting it at the same time. You’re absolutely spot on.

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