I spend a good bit of my time working on my niche sites. Niche marketing is being talked about all over the internet these days and for good reason.

Some of the niches that I operate in are related to my hobbies and while it isn’t essential that you enjoy the niches that you decide to do business in, I believe it certainly makes a big difference.

Operating any business online or offline requires a lot of determination, persistence and hard work. When the going gets tough, maybe you have things going on in your life that need urgent attention or you may be feeling off-color physically, if you don’t have a real interest in your niche it will be a lot easier to let things slip.

One of the keys to success in internet marketing is putting regular effort into your business. A little regular activity beats going mad for a day or two and then doing nothing for weeks every time.

There was a time when for me the biggest obstacle I had to grapple with was time management. We all have the same amount of time in the day and yet it seemed to me that some people were just able to do so much more with their time than me.

I realized that I needed to get to grips with how they did this and set out to put a routine in place that I could work to. I found a coach to help with it and together we identified where the time was going to and put a schedule in place to correct it.

The biggest time stealer for most people is email, and it was for me. I just couldn’t resist checking my emails every few minutes. Now I spend 30 minutes at the start of the day, 15 minutes around midday and don’t look again until the end of the day just before I finish to sort out any urgent issues that I need to attend to.

This one simple change has really opened up my day and made such a difference. My second biggest time waster was not being able to find things because I hadn’t filed them away properly.

In the rush to get on with the next project it’s too easy to stack things up in a pile until ‘later’, especially when you are starting out and need to make some money. Doing something that might generate some money always seems so much more important than filing.

Over the years I’ve discovered that this attitude is actually doing us more harm than we realize. You see, although we maybe don’t think consciously about the piles of filing, it works away on our sub-conscious holding us back. In the back of our mind we know we still have that clutter to sort.

Worse still often when we need something to refer to, yes you’ve guessed it, it’s in one of those piles and we have to spend even more time finding it.

Incidentally, I mentioned there that I got myself a coach. I coach lots of people myself now but still work with a coach myself. I think it is very important to work with someone else that can stretch you and help you grow no matter how good you are at what you do.

When I first came online way back in 1996 there weren’t many other people doing Internet Marketing. I realized that I needed help to get going and the most successful of anyone online at that time was Corey Rudl so I joined his coaching program.

Since then lots of people have chosen to make Internet Marketing their route to an independent lifestyle and one of the very best is John Thornhill.

Like all of us he has started at the bottom and worked hard to become one of the most sought after coaches online today. In fact, I have John as one of my coaches now myself.

I find John’s honest, down to earth approach to things really refreshing in the modern world of hype and hope. He tells it like it is and if you follow him and put in the effort you too can begin to achieve your dreams of a better life.

Your best place to start is by listening to this webinar with John and when you do, you’ll be set on the right path for life.

This is a guest post from Trevor Greenfield, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

    1 Response to "Getting Organized For Success – A Valuable Lesson I learned Along The Way"

    • Ian Whyte

      Definitely agree with your advice about setting a routine. A coaching commentator, who has currently been forced to work from home because of the corona virus , recently made that exact observation.

      This was after he had had a tumultuos first day at home with his family of small children. He noted that normally he was fine to work from home – which meant that the smaller members of the family were at school or pre school. Once they were also around the world changed.

      Upon reflection he set up a routine fo both himself and the smaller ones so that activity, breaks, food and interaction were more regulated with a general routine. It worked to everyones advantage.

      I personally find that getting organized actually sometimes takes over to the extent that nothing really gets done. One has to be careful to ensure a balance between organizing and making progress. But it can be done.

      Thanks for a helpful post

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