Get itI love the fact I am an Internet Marketer, (or whatever you want to call it) I work, eat and sleep when I want. I have about 6 vacations per year, own my own holiday home, drive a nice car and basically live a life I used to dream of. I also get great satisfaction in helping others and seeing the results my clients and customers get as a result of my training.

When you ‘get it’ in this business money can come very easily. You can create and launch a product and earn more in 60 minutes than most people earn in a year, and yes, you really can make money in your sleep or while sipping a cocktail by the pool, or create money by simply writing a few words and hitting the send button.

But here’s the big thing most people don’t get

… To get there takes work, and lots of it.

Unfortunately most people don’t ‘get it’ and are continuously look for an easy fix, and let me tell you there are thousands of products out there that will give you your fix, but only till the excitement of buying something new wears off and another fix is required. I know if you’ve read this far you can probably relate to this. You’ve probably bought product after product and feel like you are spinning your wheels or are suffering from the classic symptoms of information overload. If you can relate to this then you need to stop.

Do you want to know the real secret to making money online?

Order Buttons. Big shiny order buttons like this one.








The more order buttons you have out there the more chance you have of making money. Yes, it really is that simple. In fact most people who aren’t making any money online simply aren’t selling anything. If you can provide any sort of value online you are in a position to sell stuff, stuff like.

  • eBooks
  • Reports
  • Training videos
  • Presentations
  • Step by step courses
  • How to guides
  • Live training
  • Coaching
  • Audios
  • Services
  • And much much more.

It really is that simple.

I had a call with a client today and he had created a Facebook guide that teaches how to setup advanced ad campaigns, he asked if this was worth selling as there were similar products out there. Hell yeah, get it out there, get a buy button on a page, use a platform where you can recruit affiliates and sell the s**t out of it.

Forget what others are doing, there’s a million weight loss products out there but that doesn’t stop new products constantly getting released, especially at this time of year. Just like there’s countless list building and traffic generation products out there. Don’t ever let that stop you, if you have a traffic generation method that works teach it. If you do there won’t be a traffic generation guide out there like yours as no one else can be you. When you create something of your own you have something that is 100% unique so don’t ever assume just because it’s been done  you shouldn’t do it. If you have an area of expertise make money by teaching it.

If you think you can’t provide any value yet then learn something. Go to the ClickBank Marketplace or The JVZoo Top Sellers and look at what’s selling. Go to places like The Warrior Forum and see what questions are being asked, what problems people are having and come up with solutions and sell the information.

Once you ‘get this’ money really can come easy.

    11 replies to "Are You Going to ‘get it’ in 2015?"

    • James Hughes

      Great post John.

      Like you say, you have to get your products and services out there as much as possible and get as many eyes on them.

      If you can put your own great spin on a product it will work.

      If you believe it can it will.

      Just get it out there

      James Hughes

    • Trevor

      john like it but how do you get started !!!!

    • Lesley

      So simple and so true. If you don’t offer a solution and ask for the sale odds are you won’t get it.

    • Anthony Smits

      A nice message to start 2015, John. I believe learning more about our own strengths and what we do best, and can therefore offer authentically helps avoid the info overdose. Speak about values and sprinkle buy buttons! Cheers.

    • Mukhtiar Ali Khan

      Hi John, I am a big fan of you and always follow your emails and your blog. My mentor (will not disclose his name here) is also your student and i am getting your trainings indirectly by him. He usually give your example to us for working in online. Its really a good post and Now going to Order for this

    • Rodney Yarde

      Thanks John

    • Mialei

      At the outset, this is a daunting task that requires mentors who are willing to help. I know that tenacity is more important in this business than a long list of skills. The people who are further along the road than I am serve as inspirations for all that I want to do in the very near future.

      My focus for this year is to take as many people with me along the road to success as possible! Every step I take this week will lay a foundation for next week.

      The best is yet to come!
      — Mialei

    • Cararta

      Hi John,

      Absolutely right. Last few months have been a
      wake up call.

      If you can do anything, then start doing it. The opportunity is there and multiplying day by day, but if you don’t
      have any of those BIG shiny buy buttons sitting in the
      right place, nothing is going to happen.

      Stop the webinars, the watching and reading, Facebooking and Twitting and edit 6 plr ebooks and make a few videos.
      Put a sign on it and give some away, but sell something along the way.
      Commit and Do.

    • Tasleem Khan

      Great Post!!

      It’s So true people do look for an easy fix, I wasted so many years and so much money looking that “easy fix” but know that I am on your mentoring course and loving it “I’m getting it” 🙂

    • Simon Anthony

      Ha ha. I am that client with the Facebook course who had doubts !

      Luckily I have John to kick me up the a** now-and-then and tell it like it is.

      In my experience I will only ever highly recommend John as a coach. If you’re sitting on the fence … get the hell off it and take action. And get John to help you. You won’t regret it.

      Thanks man. Big help as usual.

    • Joan White

      Thanks for the kick in the butt there John. I am taking a month off to move and get my life back on track and then I will be back at it doing the things you teach me. I plan on having my 1st product out there by May 16th?? I have a call booked with you mid Feb and I expect another kick from you. The course you are teaching me it really helping even if I keep falling off the track. LoL

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