If you look at the businesses that have not only survived but thrived during 2020, it’s the ones that can remain receptive to change, whilst staying flexible and being agile.

Hi, it’s Michael Mackenzie here from Australia.

I’m part of John’s “student body.”

John demonstrates every day the kinds of survival techniques we all need if we’re going to find a way to generate income online and to replace the jobs we used to have off-line.

Sadly, this pandemic will be with us for some time to come, even if it is contained.

In my job as a radio presenter in Australia, I had an interesting conversation with an entrepreneur who ran a series of warehousing and logistics operations across the country.

When he started his business, he was just 27. Years on, and he’s in a perfect position to straddle the divide between e-commerce and stock storage.

As I said, he’s been in the business for a while, but he’s never seen the kind of throughput of online goods he’s seen in 2020.

Due to all of us being home-based and ordering items via virtual storefronts.

This global change in human behavior provides an amazing opportunity for us as Internet marketers.

People are hungry to reach out into the online space and find something that entertains and engages their restless and confined mind!

So if we can find products, the software, and the courses that appeal to the pandemic needs of people right now working from home, or looking for a new way to work, then perhaps we can supply that need?

It’s a no-brainer, right?

That warehouse logistics guy I mentioned earlier noted too that some of the great survivors and thrivers under these conditions were smaller companies, often entrepreneurs, rather than the larger multi-nationals and corporations that took too long to turn around their supply chain and adapt.

They are the ones with their high street frontages, high rents, and physical stock that have fallen by the wayside.

But smaller online businesses don’t face these challenges.

Some of these pandemic start-ups began renting this guy’s warehouse space in literally a couple of weeks.

Because demand was almost instant!

An online wine company augmented its output by offering hand sanitizer.

A tradie realized his local gym was closed and that overseas suppliers weren’t meeting demand, so he and his mates built and sold their own weights sets online using marketing techniques we’re all familiar with.

Within weeks he too was renting warehouse space with this entrepreneur I was speaking with. All from a standing start.

My point here is to be online is a great opportunity where trends and demands can fluctuate according to what’s happening locally, nationally, and globally.

However, you must be constantly vigilant in offering products that match the behavior patterns of people at any given time.

If you can do that, and they get to hear about it through some of the techniques explained in John’s Ambassador Program, then there’s no reason why all of us can’t provide honest, efficient, do-what-it-says-on-the-packet services online and reap the rewards ourselves as trusted software, app, and training course providers.

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This is a guest post from Michael Mackenzie if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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