young unhappy businesswoman crying behind her laptopSelling products on eBay doesn’t mean that you know everything about Internet Marketing. The fact is, marketing, like making money online, is dynamic and requires being up-to-date with trends to maintain your success level at all times. I will share a personal true life story, a conversation with a friend, to buttress my point.

I have a good friend, Bob (not real name) who maintains many seller accounts with manufacturers and makes good sales in all. Bob kept on chasing new customers, but didn’t realize his existing customers are equally valuable. He neither sends emails nor calls to find out how they are doing. He only hopes they would remember him again, whenever they need to buy something related to what he is selling.

As someone knowledgeable about marketing, I told Bob about email marketing and autoresponders, but he felt I shouldn’t even talk to him about business because he’s been making sales.

I tried hard to educate him about the importance of maintaining all his customers, both new and old ones; letting him know the worth of keeping all his customers and reminding him that so much money would be left on the table if he didn’t extend his marketing to both new and existing customers.

In my words, “You see Bob; your customers already trust you and ready to buy your products. You need to upgrade your customer service, get an email system with an autoresponder service to send bulk emails to them once daily with a coupon offer for a week.”

I also suggested content for the email: “Dear customer, I appreciate your loyalty thus far, I would like to offer you a 10% Coupon on anything you buy in my Ebay Store; just copy the code and paste when checking out in the next 4 days. Talk soon, Bob”.

What did Bob do?

Well, he didn’t get an email system as advised. Instead, he did a manual email to a few customers just once and the following day, he said he got a couple of sales. But the day after, he said it didn’t work, and his response was that the first sales were a fluke!

Why didn’t it work again, if it worked the first day? Against my advice, Bob didn’t get an email system as recommended and I wondered how he would be able to send emails, manually to over 8000 customers.

What happens to Bob after that?

A couple of months after Bob discarded my advice; I got his call saying it’s urgent. When we met, he wasn’t looking good as usual and I asked why, he said things are bad, and he’s been struggling to get customers. Now he needed my help.

Do not be like Bob

Some people just don’t get it. Having over 8000 buying customers mean to a lot your business. Such a list is worth more than you can imagine if you treat it the right way. Bob didn’t see what he was losing until he lost them all!

It can be frustrating when people in online business failed to learn from people who know more than they are in making money online.

What’s the best way to make money online?

You need help if you want to make money online. After all, if it was easy, wouldn’t everybody be watching their PayPal Accounts growing while sitting at home watching their favorite Movies? A wise thing to do is have someone show you the ropes, and you follow in his steps.

It is frustrating trying to make money on the internet for couple years without success, and your wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, and friends are so annoyed with you, thinking you are wasting your time or worse, that you aren’t smart enough for internet business.

 Why reinventing the wheel when you can just watch people who know how to make money do it, to speed up your learning and success. The quickest way is the copy and paste model, to copy what works instead of blindly trying.

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