When you are like me – it is difficult to put your thoughts and ideas onto paper.

My mind races along at a thousand miles per hour. Permanently.

My goal is to be successful with everything I do.  The problem is I always want to do too much.  I cannot sit down and concentrate on just one thing at a time.  Some call this “multitasking”. Personally, I call it infuriating!

Just when one idea starts to develop into something useful, then the brain reads something else (whether it is in the news or an email or a FaceBook / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn post) and then I am sidetracked once again!

So far, the Partnership to Success training has helped me to focus on one thing – learning.  At my age, this is an achievement!  John’s daily tasks have forced me to focus on doing one thing at a time. BUT – I am still distracted by the buzzing of “things” around me and by my wandering mind!

Every so often I will hit a brick wall. And then I am halted in my tracks and cannot continue or make any headway for hours (sometimes even days!) until I have an answer to my (internal) question.

Right now I am stuck (once again) on the eternal question: Where do I get traffic to my blog?  How do I get people to click on my links? How do I get “real” subscribers? Will they “buy-in” to the program? And the list goes on…

I now find myself in a quandary.  I have lists of email addresses from my existing business.  Thousands of them. With names, email addresses, and everything else. BUT – is it ethical to utilize this for marketing?

Other avenues I have explored are not “paying off” – paid ads on Facebook, Links on FB and Twitter, etc.

But then – once again! – thanks to the man John – like a knight in shining armor – comes along on Day 11 with an answer! Yes – just as I was losing all faith in myself and my prowess, John puts the answer in front of me again in the form of Messenger Bots! Or to be more precise – VIP Bot Affiliate Club by Adrian Corkery.  I am convinced his name should be Sorcerer!

And just like that – a new avenue opens up to be explored and delved into – which I must add – opens up new windows of distress and new problems to solve…

And here I go again…

Listen to me all yea newbies! If you are anything like me – always finding problems with a new system – you need to get your hands on John’s training today! Partnership to Success WILL open up the doors and if you are committed – IT WILL BRING SUCCESS!

Till next time


PS: Sign up for John’s webinar HERE – You will not regret it!


This is a guest post from Charles Gibbons if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

    2 replies to "Blogging – My Struggle"

    • David W Shoup

      Good post, I have been struggling with what to write for my next blog post. I have written since grade school so, it isn’t the writing that causes the issue for me. It is something you mentioned. I have noticed it throughout my life with creative people, the mind. I better close this comment as, I found myself starting to write a blog post. I better save it for my blog. You hit the nail on the head though, the mind races.

    • Christopher Paul

      Hi Chas,

      As I am on week 11 next, really looking forward to see what this is all about?

      The truth is I have been here before and much the same as you this is always been a struggle, so looking forward to some more learning and more to the point, getting over them old hurdles that have previously held me back!



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