Successful Affiliates can easily make 6 figures annually. Everyone seems to be looking for online riches and they see Affiliate Marketing as their ticket to success. Unfortunately, most new affiliates never find that success. What’s holding them back?

What does it take to become a successful affiliate?

Step 1 – Find high-quality products to promote. Far too many new affiliates will promote products without making sure that it provides the solutions buyers are seeking.

Many new affiliates advertise products regardless of quality. This can lead to failure.

Step 2 – Make sure that you are building yourself an email list, which is your ultimate goal. When the people on your list know that the products you promote are the best of the best they will be likely to continue to buy you.

Step 3 – Find a niche and stay in that niche. That way your new email list will have buyers for all of your future promotions.

Step 4 – Find products that pay enough to allow you to at least break even on your advertising costs while building your list.

Step 5 – Be willing to change as new advertising platforms present themselves to you. Giving you fresh ways to find your audience.

Step 6 – Don’t Give Up! If success isn’t immediate, realize it takes time to find the path to ultimate success, especially if you’re doing it all on your own.

Building your email list may seem hard at first but adding just 35 names a day will grow your list by 1000 every month.
If you are covering your advertising and adding 1000 people a month you will have a long-term asset that can pay you up to $1/person each month.

Breaking even isn’t as easy as it may appear, however. It can take many failures before you see success.

Finding a mentor, one who currently is successful can be the fastest path to breaking the affiliate marketing code and being able to live the internet lifestyle.

Is it worth paying someone anywhere from #1,000 to $5,000 to be taught the right way to succeed?

There are several of today’s top super affiliates, like John Thornhill who have mentoring programs that will teach the path to successful affiliate marketing. John also teaches the product development side. When you are the one creating the product, you will have other people building your list for you. The Super-Affiliates are all Product creators, This is where the life-transforming money is.

A good mentor can also keep you up to date on new places to advertising, keeping you on the cutting edge.

You can discover more about John Thornhill Here.

Many affiliate networks also have training available to train their new affiliates.

Many brand-new affiliates are afraid to advertise high ticket deals, preferring to concentrate on the $10-$ 20 products. They are missing out on the fact that 1 high ticket sale camera equals 100’s of the low-ticket sales. The high ticket offers will also have less competition for this very reason.

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You may hear that affiliate marketing is dead, but in reality, it’s much more lucrative than ever before with Clickbank, Warrior+, and JV Zoo blazing a trail.

Discover more concerning John Thornhill’s mentoring Here.

Once you find your success, either by trial and error or through the help of a mentor it will be time for you and your family to explore the world.

TG Cooper

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