Every day, hundreds of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs are jumping online looking at starting an online business and in search of that elusive ‘laptop-lifestyle’.

As you may well be aware, there are countless ways to make money online. It seems that every day there is some new method to follow to help you earn money from home.

Our emails are bombarded daily with new possibilities and online opportunities, but yet 80% of wanna-be-marketers fail or give up on their dream.


With so many opportunities out there, why is it that people are still struggling to make any REAL money online?

So, if you’re feeling lost, frustrated, anxious or even depressed about your entrepreneurial dream – then get ready for your wake-up-call – because this may be EXACTLY what the doctor ordered!

Let me explain…

As brand new (newbies) who enter this new world of online business, we are not prepared for what’s ahead of us. It’s no wonder that we get caught up in all the hype of latest-offerings, magic-button, and promises to do nothing EASY money.

You see, with the constant bombardment of opportunities we get daily we don’t get good, or master ‘one-specific-thing’. What this does, is it constantly has people jumping from one thing to another, never focusing on that one specific thing – and ultimately continually fail.

Makes sense?


So ‘what’s the answer’… you may be asking?

Well, many aspiring entrepreneurs are focusing on ALL the wrong things – chasing opportunities, chasing methods, chasing cash – instead of focusing on one thing – a solid business system!

If you want to create a thriving online business – you need to become a PROBLEM SOLVER!

I found that my ability to making money online is dependent on how well I can solve problems my customers are having. Problem-solving is one of the most highly valued characteristics you can have as an entrepreneur.

Problem-solving is a skill that will pay you handsomely – The BIGGER the problem… the HIGHER the pay-day.

Here now is a step-by-step plan for building a rock-solid business – that will create an income for you FAST!

1. Choose a NICHE with an in-demand problem to solve.

You would think that choosing a niche would be as simple as it gets… but NO!

I know of many aspiring marketers who cannot complete this simple task. Many of them have been in the business for 2-3 years without selecting a niche. So by completing this simple task, you’ll be ahead of 90% of the crowd.

Here’s a lesson I learned from my mentor:
“The niches you want to be in are the ones that are solving a BURNING issue for people. Ones that people will do anything to fix – Losing Weight… Making Money… Saving a Marriage – These are the ones that are not only the most lucrative, but they’re also recession-proof”

Just pick a niche where other products are being sold. Don’t over complicate it – Just pick a niche and move forward!

2. Pick ONE problem.

Spend one to two weeks… (3 weeks MAX) on your chosen subject/problem.

Learn everything you can about the problem you’re solving. You have ALL the information at the tip of your fingers, called the World Wide Web!

Read articles, blogs… jump into forums – and if need be, buy some products. Dive in deep. Understand the pains and struggles of your customers. Only then you will uncover exactly what they need.

This is what’s known as – SPECIALIZED knowledge!

And guess what?

You have now become the expert – yes YOU!

3. Create YOUR solution product.

Now that you’ve done all this hard work and have the solution to this one problem… You could:

Create a home study course – Whether it’s an eBook, Audios, Video course or a Membership site.

Offer a Service – People love ‘done-for-you’ products like… autoresponder series emails, complete sales funnels, and the list goes on.

Coaching – Where you take your customer by the hand and walk them through the problem… Hold them accountable… Pushing them.

**Don’t forget – You have the specialized knowledge – You’re the expert!**

4. Put your solution in front of PEOPLE with that problem.

Now you need to take your solution and put it in front of the people who need/want it. This is where you start building your customer base… or audience, tribe.

And your customers can come from many different avenues:


The key here is for you to get in front of your customers, regardless of where they are. Go find your audience and put your solution in front of them. Every day you should be sharing valuable content that helps them, inspires them and turns them onto YOU and your solution.


So there you have it, a simple four-step process on creating in-demand products for hungry markets – and the foundation to a long solid online business.

While everyone else is running around looking for quick-tactics to help them make money, I’m building a solid foundation for my business. No business can exist without structure-and-strategy.

Get this right first, and you’ll be head and shoulders above them all. Ignore
It – and inevitably you will be part of the 94% who never make it online.

If you want to fast track your path to success, you can join me on an – Exclusive FREE Webinar – and see how to systematically start earning a consistent online income.

This is a guest post from Theo Poulentzas, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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