Blogging is a great way to share your knowledge, experiences, and passions with other people, but it can also be a good opportunity to earn some extra income. Some bloggers even make a full-time living from monetizing their blogs and posts. Whether you want to make blogging your full-time job or just earn a little extra cash, try these five ways to make money from your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular, and lucrative, ways to earn money from blogging. With affiliate marketing, you can use links, adverts, and posts to promote products and services on your blog. You will then earn a commission when your blog readers click on your affiliate links or make a purchase. The amount of commission can vary greatly from one affiliate to another, so it’s important to do your research before choosing individual companies to promote on your blog.

If you don’t want to deal directly with advertisers, you can use affiliate networks to make the process easier. However, affiliate networks often choose the types of adverts that will be placed on your site, so it’s important to check that your chosen network only provides links to reputable companies.


Another way to earn money is by selling advertising space on your blog. This type of advertising differs from affiliate marketing because your income is not reliant on visitors clicking on a link or making a purchase. Advertisers usually pay a set fee, depending on the size, type and placement of the advertisement.

You can also use advertising networks, such as Google AdSense, which enables you to earn money by displaying advertising code on your website. Depending on the network, you can choose the types and sizes of advertisements. However, you may not have total control over the types of companies and products that are advertised on your blog.


Selling products and services on your site is a simple way to monetize your blog. You can sell physical items directly to the public, as long as you are able to take payments and provide a delivery service. You can also sell through online platforms, such as Amazon and eBay, and advertise your items on your blog.

If you have valuable skills or knowledge that could help your readers, you can sell your services through your blog. Some bloggers provide freelance services, such as writing, editing, or coding, while others offer coaching and mentoring to individuals or groups.

Digital downloads, such as books, printables, videos, audio files, and other download content, can also provide a steady stream of income. Other options include making and selling educational courses, apps, and games.

Sponsored Content

Many bloggers earn money by writing sponsored blog posts, social media messages, or other content. If you have a significant number of followers, advertisers may sponsor specific pieces of content that will be posted to your blog.

The terms and conditions of sponsored content are wide and varied, so it’s important to make sure you are happy with the arrangement. Get a written agreement or contract that specifies exactly what the advertiser expects, as well as the amount of money or other incentives you will receive. Read the agreement carefully before committing to the project.

It’s standard practice for bloggers to add a note to sponsored blog posts to let readers know they have received payment, products, or other items in return for writing the post. This kind of transparency helps to build trust with your audience.

Premium Content

If you have valuable information that your blog readers would be willing to pay for, you can create a members-only area that requires a subscription or one-off payment in order to access the content.

For example, if you run a blog for freelancers, your readers may be willing to pay for access to a business directory of useful contacts and potential clients. If you run a blog for music lovers, you might be able to charge readers for access to a diary of music events and festivals.

You can also add a members-only area for support services, forums, webinars, other premium content, or early access to special offers.

Affiliate marketing, allowing companies to place advertisements on your blog, selling products and services, creating sponsored content, and providing premium content are all popular options for monetizing your blog. You can also use your blog to raise your profile and build your audience. Once you have a large following, you may be able to earn money for public speaking and attending festivals or events that appeal to your audience.

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