If you’re anything like me, this would be one of the hardest things to admit. On the bright side, you’re the only one you need to admit it too. No one else needs to know.

Now I’m over 6 feet tall and thought nothing would phase me, nothing will stop me doing what I want. In six decades, I’ve been there seen it, done it and not only bought the t-shirt but wore a few out having to buy another one. I’d had enough of bosses telling me what to do. My last job involved a shift rotation system and in a one-month period, that rota changed three times. That means my rostered days off changed three times. How the hell can you make plans when you’re not sure of your next days off. It was the last straw, so I jacked it in (resigned).

What Next?

So now what do I do? I’ve spent decades working (for someone else). I can’t just stop. Then the answer was given to me and I joined Johns Partnership programme. This is it I thought. Zoomed through phase one. This is easy, I’ve got this. Or so I thought. Bang there’s that brick wall. Started phase two and immediately hit a block. It’s nothing to do with the course which in my opinion is excellent. I was telling myself I didn’t know what to write about. When in fact my bottle went, I feared change. This stuff works. I know that because of the success of others who have followed Johns teachings. Success can be a threat. Not in the normal sense of the word, for example, someone threatens your family you stick up for them. the threat must get past you first. But it is a threat to your comfort zone. We all have them. None of us likes doing things which take us away from that comfort zone.

So how do you overcome it?
Well, you really must find your own way. For me, I searched in the old (very) memory banks and remembered a brief period when I worked in an office. When I first started my language was colourful. But everyone else was not using the same language. Well after a few weeks, my terminology changed.

What I found from looking back at what I did then and more-so in recent times, is that you can make the change by forming new habits The good news there, is that a habit could only take 30 days to form.
I’m probably one of the most rebellious people there is, but by consciously making daily tweaks to my terminology back in those office days, I formed new speech habits, ensuring my time at work was more pleasant.  I still thought the old way but the spoken word had changed.
But more importantly, I’ve noticed the 30-day habit thing come into effect from the training I’m following.
With new Daily tasks to complete, and step by step videos to show me how along with one on one support calls and a host of help.
I’m forming new Online Success habits that are actually working for me and helping me adjust my personal comfort zone.

I’m rediscovering the self-discipline I possessed back in the day and I firmly believe it could make a difference for you too.  I haven’t really changed my comfort zone as such.  I’m expanding it.

How do I make changes?
To really make life changes, you will need discipline (new disciplines form new habits).  What is discipline all about? How can you say that you are truly disciplined enough? Being disciplined is more than knowing what you should and should not do and there are still many things that you should know about this “D” word.  This week I will be starting a series of blog posts on discipline and how to make the changes.  But no-one can do it for you.  It’s all down to you.  But the great news my friend is that you can do it.

If you’d like to form new habits to help overcome any fear of success or fear of change that dwells within you, then you might just benefit from the free training found in this webinar.
(Don’t forget to take notes – the free content is better value and will explain a lot more, than some paid products you may have invested in previously.  I know I’ve found that. – So please do consider investing an hour or so in yourself by jumping on this.
And if you, like me, are still a little fearful – You’ll also discover how a mentor and a clearly laid out path to follow could help you form the new habits I am, and start to finally break through your own fears.

Once again here is the link to Johns training.

Tony Tydeman

This is a guest post written by Tony Tydeman, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

John Thornhill

    2 replies to "Are You Scared of Change?"

    • David Wakeman

      Hello Tony,

      There is so much of this I can relate to. Staying focused, changing your mindset and adjusting your daily habits is so important. It’s too easy to get off track.

      Thanks for sharing.


    • Mark Harvey

      I think everybody that is involved in marketing no matter what type it is, is afraid of change. Because that means you actually are accountable for your actions moving forward.

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