Affiliate marketing has been around since businesses started popping up around the world. The initial way trade was bartering, in which one brought his goods and exchanged with the other’s goods. This form of trading required a face-to-face meeting and bargaining on each and every transaction since barter trading requires a comparison of value between two products.

Suppose I grow tomatoes and my neighbor raises chickens, how many tomatoes should I give him in order to get a chicken from him. And so, with the baker and the milkman and the tailor and the shoemaker…

As cities began to develop (and they usually developed near transportation arteries), in places that were easy to reach whether by land roads or near rivers that served as waterways, the need also arose to provide for their resident’s needs. When urban commerce was created also affiliate marketing was created, the farmer would bring his products to the vegetable merchant who would pay for the products.

This way the farmer will bargain only once and he can get more than one offer.

Since it may happen that some of the goods won’t sell and will get spoiled, someone has to take the risk. If the vegetable trader took the risk, he would pay the farmer only a small amount of money. But if the farmer was willing to take the risk he would get more according to the actual sale, and the leftovers he would take home to feed the animals on his farm, and so the trader became an affiliate marketer to the farmer.

No need to specialize in the product

Affiliate marketing through the Internet of information products does not require the affiliate marketer to have knowledge in the field he is marketing.

The seller prepares a knowledge product on a subject he understands (usually – although he can also outsource the whole product), he submits to the Affiliate an explanation of the product itself, usually, he will add details about the product and the bonuses that come with it, sales funnel and commissions, The target audience and also details from marketing activities he has already done, such as better converting advertising platforms, designed ads that convert and sometimes even a series of email swipes.

The Affiliate has a mailing list that he maintains a relationship with, he does this by continuous contact with emails to the list, in those emails he provides his subscribers with helpful information for the specific niche that they are interested in. This will build trust amongst them, once trust is established it is only natural for the list members, to listen to recommendations from someone who is now considered by them, as a specialist to whom they can listen about products in their area of ​​interest and if it fits their needs they will buy the product.

Since the affiliate is perceived as having checked or even tested the product (which is sometimes a good practice) and can testify that the product is indeed suitable for their needs. The Affiliate must under no circumstances deceive his subscribers because he will lose their trust and at the same time the list itself.

Mutual trust

A mutual trust system should exist not only between the affiliate and his subscribers on the list, it must also exist between the affiliate and the creator of the product. How is this achieved?

In order to establish trust between the affiliate and his subscribers regarding the product’s quality, a refund mechanism has been created. This mechanism allows the buyer to cancel the transaction, within a certain period of time, and get all his money back.

For the purpose of trust between the affiliate and the product creator, companies have been established that serve as an intermediary between the affiliate and the product owner. This company issues the links to the affiliate and collects the money from the customer for both the affiliate and the product owner. The link is used to identify the affiliate who sold the product, and thus the brokerage company will transfer to each of the parties its share of the sale.

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In summary affiliate marketing is a system that has existed as long as the years of commerce, the internet which entered our lives in the ’90s of last century, and the brokerage firms arose a few years later, are providing good service and a good way to make money online. Internet Affiliate Marketing has proven to be an effective and helpful system, and so it will probably be with us for many years to come.

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