Disclaimer: These are not the findings of a medical doctor. Any references to medical facts have been pulled from WebMd.com. The conclusions are drawn from a 10+ year online marketer.

Do you have “Affiliate Fever?” Let’s dig into it. A fever is commonly accepted as an elevated internal temperature. What’s the commonly accepted body temperature? Did you say 98.6 F? The 98.6 F standard dates to the mid-1800s. However, newer research suggests that the number has since gone down. 97.5 F is the new average. Are you still approaching affiliate marketing the ‘same ol’ way?’ Getting an affiliate link, driving traffic to the link, and hoping it works out? You may have the first symptoms of “Affiliate Fever.” That process is no longer the standard and you may need to update your methods.

Having a fever for an extended period can have an impact on your mental faculties, even bringing on delirium. Delirium is another symptom of “Affiliate Fever.” It manifests itself in the belief that you can work every program that comes along, chasing every shiny new object, and joining 100 Facebook groups as a means to success. IT WILL NOT WORK. Which leads to the next symptom.

Extended states of delirium can lead to insanity. And you already know the definition of insanity….doing the same thing, over and over again, yet expecting different results. There is no pretence being made on this end that this information is brand new. It’s pretty much assumed that you’ve heard most of this before, and that’s the insanity. You’ve heard…and heard…and heard…and heard and went right back to doing the same things repeatedly.

You’ve been told, “Build a list.” Yet, you try to send traffic directly to an affiliate link and gain nothing in the process. You’ve heard phrases like, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Yet, you put more and more on your plate, thinking that there are more opportunities in numbers. Like, surely if you belong to 100 affiliate programs, one of them is bound to pan out.

Isn’t it time for a change? You’ve tried all those ‘insane’ ways, why not try a tried and proven way? My friend John Thornhill helped open my eyes when it comes to affiliate marketing. You see, I suffered from “Affiliate Fever” for YEARS! John made me look at affiliate marketing from a WHOLE NEW angle that no one else was willing to share. Have you considered that you can be an affiliate and have other affiliates driving traffic FOR YOU?

Do you ever think of a VENDOR who wants to teach you to develop your OWN PRODUCT and is willing to help you PROMOTE IT? These are just a couple of things that John has shown me and is willing to share with you as well. If you’ve never attended his webinar, make sure you register for the next one here. If you’ve attended a webinar in the past, I strongly recommend attending another. Cure your “Affiliate Fever.” “Dr John” will help.

This is a guest post from Kevin Sanders, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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