Did you know that a splash page gets 5 times more clicks from visitors than a regular webpage or sales page?

To get results, first determine what a splash page is and what it is not.

So, what exactly is a splash page? Is there any difference between splash pages and landing pages? And more to the point: How does it relate to Internet Marketing, especially in the Make Money Online niche?

Splash pages, or splash screens, are considered the introductory pages that visitors see before discovering the rest of your website or opportunity. Many experts compare splash pages to virtual business cards. Though splash pages and landing pages sound similar, they are entirely not the same.

On the one side, a landing page is a standalone page created to fulfill a conversion goal. It often does not have an exit link or additional navigation, because it aims to keep users on the page until they convert. A second difference is length. Where a landing page has no predetermined length, a splash page will have all its information displayed above the fold…

Have a look at the picture of the little girl reading a newspaper. Just as the phrase implies, everything above where the newspaper is folded is considered, well… above the fold. This is also where you will find what the paper considers the most important headlines and content for that issue of the newspaper.

This is especially important when it comes to Internet marketing. Just like the most important headlines and content in a newspaper appears above the fold, the same applies to websites, where everything that appears on the visitors’ screen without the visitor having to scroll to see more content is considered above the fold.

The reason “above the fold” content is so important, especially regarding the make-money-online niche is because of information overload. In today’s day and age, people are exposed to so much information that you will lose your visitor if you cannot capture their attention without them having to scroll for content.

When creating a splash page, which background image, message, and CTA you use are important.

Although creating a splash page is not difficult, it is easier, and the newest option is to use the free splash page creator SecondSplash.

With it, you don’t even need a website or your own domain to promote your offers.

In addition, you will increase the traffic to your offer and your income even more because SecondSplash has built-in viral traffic and passive recurring income systems.

Watch the video and read more about this simple but revolutionary system in my other article.

For me, this system completely changed the way to promote, and looking at the initial results, it seems that the constant traffic problem has been solved.

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Margus Uus from Digifire Media

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    • Jim Davis

      Dear Margus,

      Thank you for sharing your insights about splash pages and their importance in internet marketing, especially in the make-money-online niche. I found your explanation of the difference between splash pages and landing pages helpful. I also appreciate your suggestion of using SecondSplash, a free splash page creator, to promote offers without needing a website or domain.

      I learned that splash pages are introductory pages that visitors see before discovering the rest of a website or opportunity. The content displayed above the fold is considered the most important and can capture visitors’ attention without requiring them to scroll for more content. Using an attractive background image, message, and call-to-action on a splash page is crucial to getting clicks from visitors.

      Overall, your article was informative, and I will consider using SecondSplash for my own internet marketing efforts. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and tips for success.

      Best regards,


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