I have been meaning to write this guest blog post about procrastination to submit To John Thornhill`s blog ever since March when I bought a product through his affiliate link and was given this opportunity as one of his bonuses. But guess what?…I`ve been putting it off all these months!

I regret to admit that I am one of those people that need a kick up the backside to get moving and will always find a thousand excuses to do something tomorrow (or never!) rather than today. In this particular case, the combination of a realization that my bonuses would soon expire and re-visting a video of one of John Thornhill`s epic rants were the spurs to finally jump start me into action!

I am actually improving… things were worse before because as I realise now, I have been wallowing in complacency. You see, I had my own small business (a driving school) and also work in a hotel, here on the beautiful mediterranean island of Cyprus. Although not exactly rich, my combined incomes were enough for me and my wife to live on.

I had been dabbling in internet marketing for a few years but not really taking it very seriously. Like most newbies, I have purchased a lot of products, filling up several hard drives in the process, but have rarely completed or mastered any of the courses that seemed so promising at the time I was clicking the buy button! Yes, I`ve made a few dollars from Clickbank and through JV Giveaway events, but nothing spectacular.

In 2013, the bottom fell out of our world! Suddenly, to our horror, we discovered that the Cypriot economy had collapsed. My bank, after years of throwing credit at me, suddenly froze my credit card and told me I had to pay them back what I owed them! Yikes! Worse was to come. After 15 years of having two jobs, I was told by the authorities that I could not renew my driving instructors licence because I earned more from my hotel job than my driving school. They had chosen these difficult times to suddenly start implementing an obscure law dating from 1968, which had previously been ignored!

To cut a long story short, I have now had to close my driving school and that was the kick in the wallet that has motivated me to take the internet stuff more seriously. I have started a blog, after buying the domain name 5 or 6 years ago but never using it (no surprises there!) and have started to dust off some of the products saved on my hard drives (some of them by John Thornhill) and study them again with renewed interest.

If you like me, are guilty of procrastination and are interested in learning more about what I am doing to combat it and what is working for me online, please visit my blog at www.anthonyfarby.com



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