As an affiliate, what you are trying to do is to sell products and services that are not your own. It may (in a sense) be simple, but it is not easy. In this post, I will give you some ideas to help you succeed.

Don’t just use example web pages etc. that you are given without making them substantially unique. Remember, you are not the only one who will be marketing the product, so you will need to convince prospective customers that you are where they need to be buying the product from.

I would strongly suggest that you also include customer testimonials from users of the product after you have contacted these people and got their OK for you to use their information. Also, make sure to ask them if they have a photo you can use with their testimonial.

You should also make sure that your page is optimized for search engines (SEO). This will increase your visibility on the Internet, and as we all know, more visibility equates to more traffic which equates to more money.

You might also consider writing articles about the product and place them on some other page on your web site. Make sure you make them as compelling as you can, while also paying attention to SEO. Try to write at least two articles a week somewhere in the 400 to 600-word length.

You should consider offering free reports to your visitors. This way, you can get their info and use it in your autoresponder sequence. Studies have shown that the average sale is made in the seventh contact with your prospect. You should be making some efforts to get the prospect to realize that they will be missing out on something if they don’t get the full product as opposed to just the free report. So you have to keep at it for at least seven emails. Make sure that your content, as well as emails, are directed to specific reasons why they should by the product without making it sound ‘salesy’.

You should also focus on the reasons why the product might make life better/easier for them. Make sure your email headings are as compelling as they can be while avoiding the use of the word FREE as much as possible. Another difficulty with using the word free is that Spam filters will most likely flag your email as spam.

Build an inline community/following. In other words, you need to be building relationships with your potential customers. Though your Autoresponders you can make them feel welcome and appreciated. If you make yourself appear interested in helping to solve their problems which is what you try to do with every product, they will thank you with loyalty and product purchases. The Japanese have a saying: “The customer is God”.

You should also make sure that you have some way of solving their product-specific problems that may arise after the purchase.

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I hope you enjoy it, all the best!

This is a guest post from Eric Willms, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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