5Suggestions that I believe you must apply when you start affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the starting point for a vast majority of home entrepreneurs and beginners because of the perceived small amount of work involved.

Fact is, however, consistent work is involved as with any business if one expects to succeed.

Initially, there are some elements that you must absolutely look for before you start promoting an affiliate product which I detail in 5 tips.

Tip #1. Promote a Unique Product to Get Better Results

You don’t want to promote a product or service that has already saturated the market with excessive advertising.

You probably won’t see the positive results you’re looking for. Rather, market a product that is unique or relatively new.

Look for a different product that only some affiliates are marketing. This is the best strategy to take but unfortunately, that kind of product can be somewhat difficult to find.

Using ClickBank and its gravity rating can help with this challenge.

A Gravity between 20 – 50 is ideal for beginners since these offers would have low competition with a good number of affiliates making sales.

Tip #2. Powerful and Effective Affiliate Resources

When you are ready to promote, you may be lost if you are new to affiliate marketing.

Many new to affiliate marketing can take up to a year to make their first sale.

One reason is that the merchant providing the product does not have a good resource page.

Be sure to find a merchant that provides a resource page with materials that will help promote the product.

That will improve your chances of success because the good materials can be utilized by you the affiliate.

Also, good communication with the merchant is important. Attempt to communicate with the merchant. If you do not get an adequate response, move on.

Tip #3. Examples of Effective Resources

Below are just some examples of good resources to look for:

Brandable eBooks to give away or sell at a low price with your own affiliate ID link to generate leads and sales.

Effective sales letters and sales page to help promote.

Templates of the emails to send to your list(s) or better yet, pre-written emails.

Free promotional tips are provided to help make money without spending thousands in the beginning (a must for beginners).

Advice and tips for paid promotional techniques (you don’t want to deplete all your money on something that doesn’t bring results).

Redirect links through your own website. For example www.yoursite.com/theaffiliatesite/


Tip #4. Good Tracking Software

This is very important but at times this can be complicated for the beginner.

You must be able to monitor almost everything.

You must be able to track your sales, how many visitors came to your site, how many went to the merchant site, and by which page they enter the merchant site.

You need to determine your earnings and how you acquired these earnings.

Try to choose an affiliate program that already comes with tracking software.

Also, it’s very beneficial to market a product that provides recurring payments.

Lastly, try to find affiliate programs with a generous compensation plan.

Tip #5. The Final Yet Most Important: Coaching

Acquire a coach that has proven experience and who is readily available.

You want a coach who sincerely cares about your success and works with you to minimize mistakes.

The coach I use is John Thornhill.

John has helped many of his clients achieve success. He is held in high regard by his colleagues.

John has instructed me along the way and as a result, I am experiencing success.

I understand the process and all that I must do to enjoy the benefits of affiliate marketing.

Without question, John Thornhill is the best coach I have ever had a relationship with.

To find out more information about John and what he has to offer at no cost to you, just “Click Here” and reserve your seat to attend a webinar event detailing everything you need to know.

To Your Success,

Frank Wesley

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    1 Response to "5 Tips for Affiliate Marketing Newbies"

    • Jim Davis

      Dear Frank Wesley,

      I appreciate the well-crafted blog post on affiliate marketing that you’ve shared. It’s no secret that affiliate marketing is a popular way for entrepreneurs to start their online business ventures, and your post provides valuable insights for beginners looking to navigate this landscape. I’d like to offer additional thoughts and perspectives on the points you raised.

      Regarding Tip #1, promoting a unique product indeed has its benefits. However, I think it’s essential to strike a balance between uniqueness and market demand. A product can be unique, but if it doesn’t cater to the needs of a substantial audience, its potential for success might be limited. Moreover, it’s worth considering how one can differentiate their marketing strategy even when promoting a popular product, as this can help them stand out in a competitive market.

      In Tip #2, you emphasize the importance of having a strong resource page from the merchant. I couldn’t agree more. When an affiliate genuinely believes in the product they’re promoting, it makes the marketing process more enjoyable and allows them to create authentic content that resonates with their audience. Another aspect that can contribute to an affiliate’s success is selecting a product that aligns with their personal interests, values, and knowledge.

      For Tip #3, your list of effective resources is quite comprehensive. I would like to add that affiliates should consider leveraging the power of social media and content marketing. Creating valuable content, such as blog posts, videos, and social media updates can help them build trust and authority in their niche. This, in turn, can lead to increased engagement and conversion rates.

      Regarding Tip #4, tracking software is crucial for optimizing and scaling affiliate marketing campaigns. Affiliates should also invest time in understanding data analysis and interpreting the metrics the tracking software provides. This knowledge will enable them to make informed decisions and refine their marketing strategies for better results.

      Lastly, I appreciate your emphasis on coaching in Tip #5. While having a coach can be incredibly beneficial, it’s also essential for beginners to be proactive in their learning. They should seek information from various sources, such as blogs, courses, webinars, and online communities. Continuous learning and adapting to the ever-evolving digital landscape are critical to staying competitive and achieving success in affiliate marketing.

      In conclusion, your post offers a solid foundation for those starting in affiliate marketing. By considering the additional perspectives mentioned above, beginners can further enhance their chances of success in this exciting and potentially lucrative field.

      Best regards,

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