Want to sell more affiliate products? Trying most things but nothing seems to be working yet?

Here I will share three proven ways to sell more affiliate products for your affiliate business and for those that didn’t know, affiliate marketing can be profitable if done right.

Selling affiliate products is about providing value to the end-user. If you keep the customer in mind then what I share here will work much better overall.

Selling more affiliate products via affiliate marketing is not about spamming your links all over the place. It’s about the value you deliver to someone and the needs they want.

As you continue to read you will see what I mean.

1# – Publish Blog Posts

This is by far one of the best ways in my humble opinion to sell more affiliate products. If you can get into the habit of creating content and work your affiliate links into your content that is relevant to the topic you are talking about then this could result in more sales.

One campaign killer I see would-be affiliates still make is directing people to the sales page and nothing else. Now I am not saying you can never make sales (once in a blue moon if you’re lucky) but you will lose almost all of the traffic like this and never capture anyone.

A much better alternative is to create blog posts that are free to obtain but piques the interest of an audience.

Once their interest has been piqued (and they’ve received value) they may want to learn more and that is a prime opportunity for an affiliate link via a call to action within a blog post or towards the end of a post.

Another way is to monetize a blog’s menu with affiliate offers to a tools or resource page that highlights the best tools or for turning into a products page.

Just something to think about 😉

But remember to wrap your affiliate products with content filled with value rather than someone who is just spamming.

2# – Provide Bonuses

This is a great way to give your audience a chance to buy through your affiliate link.

The key to making this work is to give bonuses that are congruent with the affiliate offer you are promoting.

It could be additional training you have done or it could be a free coaching call.

It could even be a review of their blog or some other aspect of their marketing that you can help them with. Basically, you can get as creative as you want.

When you do offer bonuses be sure to provide clear instructions on how someone can obtain the bonuses from you. You want to do this to avoid confusion as well as to take care of potential customers.

3# – Sell via Webinars

Believe it or not, this is probably one of the most underused yet most powerful ways to sell more affiliate products.

However, as powerful as the internet is, it’s still a place for distraction.

With webinars, you pull people out of distraction for a short period of time and get them completely focused on what you are doing and offering.

Webinars don’t have to be overly pitchy either. You can have an awesome webinar that is jam-packed with value and still sell something at the end.

For instance, maybe you bought a product that helped you get 20+ leads in one day.

You could do a webinar highlighting what you did to get those 20+ leads and towards the end of the webinar being offering your attendees additional information and training via your affiliate offer.

When you do this and combine it with offering bonuses, it’s a sure-fire way for getting more conversions.

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What is your favorite way to promote an affiliate product?

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