I Don't Have an index Page to Delete, What Should I Do?
Posted by Paula Brett on 12 December 2011 11:23 AM
The home page of any website is ALWAYS called either index.php index.htm or index.html so your home page or your website will be called one of these. When you first sign up for your hosting account, the index page is usually the hosting company's default holding page and as soon as you upload your own index file, this will overwrite this default file.

D9 Hosting have now changed their system so that their holding page is no longer called index, this is to stop Students who were already D9 Clients going ahead and deleting their index page on their primary domain, which is actually the home page of their existing website with D9. This new system was implemented AFTER John had made his video tutorials. Thus, there is no index page for you to delete with your new D9 Hosting account, so you should ignore this part of the tutorial.

Additionally, if you are not with D9 Hosting, your hosting company may not have a default index page either, so you may not see one when you sign up and first login to your hosting account.

<b>If you don't have an index page to delete, you should ignore this part of the tutorial and carry on with the next step.</b>
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