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Case Study – One Month Mentor Program

NAME: Pete Bruckshaw




Three years ago I bought an eBook of John Thornhill’s that entitled me to access his Helpdesk. At the time I was working on my first eBook and had run into a problem. They solved the problem and had a recommendation for me too. I sounded just right for John’s mentorship program. Would I like to sign up? I decided against joining even though I could have afforded to.

I wanted to do everything for myself. I was saving money. That was the biggest false economy of my life.

My first eBook flopped. If I’d taken that well meant advice to sign up for John’s mentorship course I would’ve saved myself two years of struggle. But after I launched my second Internet product with the help of John Thornhill everything changed for the better. I am now a full time successful Internet marketer. Fortunately for me I wouldn’t give up during those two difficult years. It’s a sad fact that most people will give up. It’s not that they don’t make the effort. It’s that they don’t make the right effort.

In contrast, there’s John Thornhill’s One Month Mentor program. Every day for a month you’ll receive a new lesson. In keeping with John’s usual style they’re easy to follow and hype free. Complete beginners can start the One Month Mentor course and be making money from Internet marketing in less than a month.

The lessons I’ve learned are these:

You can’t succeed on your own because:-
You need a mentor
You need contacts
You need to invest in your future.

If you’re ready to stop struggling and stop wasting time trying and failing to make money online, and if you’re ready to take that leap of faith then I recommend mentoring with John.

Best of all with the One Month Mentor program, John has streamlined his teaching, making it faster to learn and lower in price than ever before. If you know the kind of amounts that marketers of John’s caliber charge for their mentorship programs, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much One Month Mentor costs. Now nobody’s got an excuse for not mentoring with John – me included. I know from experience that the One Month Mentor program teaches you how to market and make money online the right way. ”

Pete Bruckshaw


One Month Mentor Case Study – John Coates

Case Study – One Month Mentor Program

NAME: John Coates

NICHE: Internet Marketing – List Building



Late in life in 2007 I qualified as a massage therapist. I started to look for ways to promote the service and came across an excellent online course. Looking back at my experience of buying this course I realise it followed a well established pattern of selling on the Internet. But I didn’t know it at the time.

The course consisted of great offline marketing strategies and one or two online strategies. It was the latter that really caught my attention. The idea of creating an income online was an attractive proposition. But this course was all about promoting a massage service. Although I could see there was potential in making money online, I didn’t have sufficient knowledge of how to go about it other than as a massage therapist.

After a great deal of money spent on trying to gain an understanding of how to sell on the Internet, I decided to put to good use skills I had acquired from my other offline experiences. In the past I had worked in customer services for an international car rental company and, for a number of years, in a similar position for a multi national financial institution. I therefore offered and was successful in establishing my services as a customer support assistant to Internet marketers.

This opportunity provided a great insight into Internet marketing generally and I was in a position to learn a great deal. But, with no disrespect to those marketers using my services, I very rarely see a product which provides a complete A to Z guide to creating an online business. Anyone familiar with the Internet Marketing niche will understand that very often you are still looking for advice from elsewhere in order to complete certain stages of the process.

Until that is, I came across John Thornhill’s One Month Mentor Program.

I had bought many of John’s products and was always impressed with the quality of his work and his apparent genuine desire to help others in their online efforts. And so I decided it was time to join his program.

As I have mentioned, I have gathered a lot of information in my customer support role. However, by following John’s program I have learnt so much more detail that other courses pale in comparison.

I have to admit that the first few days were a little frustrating though, as the lessons covered an area in which I was already experienced. But, for anyone who doesn’t have that same experience, your level of confidence will certainly increase when you follow John’s demonstration of the process and complete those same tasks.

And I think that is an observation worth noting. The success of any mentoring program is going to be partly dependent on the participants being able to complete each module and every task, but it is also the mentor’s responsibility to make the process appear to be simplicity itself. John succeeds in achieving this throughout the whole program.

It is a 31 day mentoring course but it doesn’t have to be completed in a calendar month. Due to prior commitments and general life events and responsibilities, it took me just over 7 weeks to complete. But I did complete it, helped greatly by the fact that each day’s tasks can often be completed on the same day, or at the most in one or two days.

What I have learnt by following the program are the little things that are often missed elsewhere; the tips and tricks picked up by watching someone as they go through the process. These have helped me to become much more efficient in my work, and being able to save time is as valuable as the learning experience.

I highly recommend the One Month Mentor Program in which John Thornhill shows a process that is so simple and yet so achievable that there is no reason why anyone shouldn’t enjoy their own success.

I now have a clearly defined blueprint, literally a step-by-step program to follow, providing me with the opportunity to create a long-term business that I can develop for the future. Maybe I’ll soon be wanting someone for my own customer support service.


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