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Best WP Affiliate Builder Bonus

WP-Affiliate-BuilderYou are going to start getting lots of emails from marketers promoting WP Affiliate Builder. A brand new product created by Dave Nicholson and Omar Martin. Before the launch most will be sending you to the squeeze page in order to drop an affiliate cookie so they get paid when the product goes live on Tuesday. However, there will be no affiliate links in this blog post as I want you to get all the info you need before clicking any link I send you.

Now, before we go any further I want to point out I have worked very close with Omar and Dave on numerous products and affiliate campaigns. In fact Omar was originally one of my students while I worked in the same car plant as Dave. I have also won tons of JV competitions by teaming up with Omar and Dave, and the last product launch I promoted with Omar generated over $100,000 in sales. So it goes without saying that when they work together to launch a product I’m going to support it and promote it heavily, and that’s exactly what I intend to do when WP Affiliate Builder launches at noon EST on the 24th of September.

However, I’m going to try to educate you as much as I can not only about the product but about the topic of recruiting affiliates and affiliate marketing. So throughout this launch I am going to keep you updated with my progress as well as give you tips and try to involve you as much as I can.

So what is WP Affiliate Builder and how can it help you?

WP Affiliate Builder gives you a complete arsenal of tools, software and training that is specifically designed to help you to recruit and equip your affiliate army! If you’ve struggled to get affiliates then that’s about to change.

You get the WordPress Affiliate Builder Software Plugin to enable you to INSTANTLY and SIMPLY build your affiliates page with all the tools needed in minutes.

Plus, you can also get a fantastic WordPress JV Leaderboard Software Plugin that automatically displays and updates your Top Affiliates.

If that isn’t enough, you ALSO get Top Quality Affiliate Video Training, Affiliate eBook Training and Affiliate Audio Training from Dave & Omar!


So the first thing I want to know is if you decide that WP Affiliate Builder is something you need I want to know what sort of bonus would make you buy through my affiliate link? Maybe you need more affiliates, more affiliate training, some 1 on 1 time with me, a jv page review. Whatever it may be leave a comment below and let me know what you want from me and I’ll do my very best to make it happen as I intend to make this my best value bonus offering ever.

I’m going to be in touch with you a lot over the next 10 days or so and I want you to know I intend to educate you as much as possible, if you want to join me on this launch leave your comments below and let me know what you want as a bonus.

Tip! Have you been watching Omar and Dave build a buzz for this launch? It’s been amazing, Omar and Dave seem to have been all over my Facebook feed, my advice if you check them out on Facebook and just watch what they are up to. You will learn a lot by just watching this launch.


Since launching Simple Traffic Solutions sales continue to come in at an incredible rate. This has proven to be one of my most successful launches to date with almost 6000 frontend products sold so far.

The main reason this launch has been so successful is because of the amount of affiliates that have promoted my product. You can drive traffic yourself but the amount of traffic affiliates can drive goes far beyond what you can do on your own. So far I’ve had 251 affiliates make sales and many have sold hundreds of copies.

Here’s 18 tips for getting more affiliates to promote your stuff.

1. Put together an affiliate program. I have to start with the obvious as some marketers are trying to sell their digital products all on their own. If you are selling digital information then you simply must have an affiliate program. I tend to use ClickBank but there are many more affiliate platforms out there.

2. Create an awesome product. Again, this may seem obvious but so many marketers sell crappy products that simply don’t deliver. The result is something that gets negative reviews, tons of refunds and a ruined reputation. You want to create something that affiliates want to promote and that means putting 110% into your product.

3. Your sales copy must be amazing. When you create a sales page it’s not just to sell to potential customers, it’s to sell to potential affiliates too. You could create the best product ever but if your copy sucks you can forget getting affiliates on board. My advice is to invest in a professional writing service if this is something you feel you can’t do yourself. I’d also recommend going for a graphical sales page, since I started doing this I’ve had far better results. This is the guy I use.

4. Create a comprehensive JV Blog. Most affiliates create a single affiliates page with everything crammed onto it. This makes it very hard for affiliates to get the information they need. By creating a JV Blog with easy navigation affiliates can find the info they need. If you need a JV Blog to model try this one. In my opinion it’s the best JV Blog on the planet :-)

 5. Have a killer sales funnel. Top affiliates are looking for maximum returns, this means adding more than one product to your sales funnel. Try to include at least one recurring and one high ticket product in your funnel.

6. Payout commissions on the backend. If you have a backend operation in place that sells a high ticket product include this in your sales funnel. I guarantee you will have better results. You should also make affiliates aware of the backend commissions they can earn.

7. Give affiliates everything they need to promote your product. Some affiliates want graphics, some want blog posts, some want email copy. Some want a bonus template, some want social media tools. The secret is to cater for every affiliate by including every single promo tool you can think of. You should also mention that if anyone wants anything personally created just to get in touch.

8. Keep affiliates updated. There is nothing worse than taking part in a launch only to find the product creator doesn’t keep you updated. Affiliates want to know how they are doing and how your sales are going so make sure you keep them informed.

9. Don’t force affiliates to opt-in. If you force affiliates to opt-in to get to your affiliate page many wont opt-in at all. Give affiliates a choice to register for updates and most will, but don’t force them.

10. Don’t change the rules halfway through your launch. I’ve seen this happen numerous times, sales requirements change, prizes change, rules change. Do this and you can forget the same affiliates promoting your next launch.

11. Make yourself available. Don’t hide behind your support desk, create a personal affiliate email and use that for communicating with your affiliates.

12. Reciprocate. If someone supports you support them back. (After making sure their product is awesome)

13. Join mastermind groups. Facebook, forums, email, personal friendships. The JV world is all about relationships. Make sure you are involved in as many groups as possible.

14. Give access to your product to anyone that asks for it. If someone asks for a review copy of your product give them it, even if you’ve never heard of the person asking. You never know how much traffic they are capable of driving.

15. Be excited about your product. The way you talk about your product is important, if you can’t get your affiliates excited about your product how can you expect them to promote it?

16. Run a JV Competition. Affiliates love to win prizes and the best way to do this is to offer prizes, wether for the amount of products sold or via a leaderboard. if you can’t afford to give away any prizes at least create a leaderboard, affiliates love seeing their name on leaderboards and it will give them an added incentive to promote your product.

17. Keep providing fresh email copy. Whenever you email your affiliates include some fresh email copy. Many will simply copy what you provide and mail out.

18. Educate your affiliates. Teach them how to get more sales by providing additional training. If you know of any affiliate methods that work share them with your affiliates, They will thank you for it by promoting your product using the methods you teach them.

As you can see a successful launch goes far beyond just offering 100% commissions on the frontend.

Remember that the main thing about getting affiliates to promote your stuff is because of the relationships you build. Get that part right and you will always have affiliates ready to hit send. Don’t sell your affiliates short, help them to make as much money as possible and they will be there for you time after time.

I think I’ve covered most key areas and I hope you’ve learned something new. If you like what you have read I would appreciate it if you could ‘like’, comment or share.

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