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Internet Marketing Success! – Is Your Mind Right?

This is a guest post written by Andrew Vaughan

I just had to get this post out to you as soon as I could!

You see, yesterday, I was sitting in the garden, having a short break from things, when it suddenly hit me. I realised that something that was absolutely essential for my online success, had taken place almost automatically. I wanted you to share this, because when you become aware of it yourself, it can’t fail to also help you to make significant progress.

I’ve now been following the coaching program of my mentor – Alex Jeffreys for about three weeks now – in parallel to learning some very useful techniques with yours truly – John Thornhill. I’ve learnt some key principles that are crucially important to my (and your) online success.

Now, it’s a simple fact that my mentor has been highly motivating, asking me to ‘take action’, using the statement; “don’t get it right, just get it going”; which of course is correct. If you needed proof, just take a look at what I’ve done in those three weeks.

I’ve put my own fully functioning blog on line, involving domain names, hosting, WordPress themes, email setups, plugins etc., and I’ve uploaded a website that links to my free list building report, involving more domain names, squeeze page editing, opt-in forms, Aweber, uploading files to my website etc – and believe me, that’s only the half of it.

Now, the last thing I’m trying to do here is put you off or scare you in any way – remember, I’m here to share my experience with you and to help you succeed.

But – and this is an important ‘but’ – if the thought of actually taking action and getting really involved, does cause you negative thoughts and a dread of getting started, then you’re almost certainly not currently in the correct frame of mind.

Here’s a very famous statement from one of the first mass producers of automobiles in America, which you’ve probably seen before but nevertheless, you’ll see is extremely powerful and very true:

“If you think you can, or think you can’t, you are always right” Henry Ford.

Just contemplate this statement for a moment and you will see exactly where I’m coming from and what I’m trying to help you with.

What epitomises that statement more than anything else I think, is this true story of Henry Ford’s approach to a particular problem that he was determined to solve.

Henry Ford manufactured the first V-8 car engine. But it took Determination, Vision, Persistence and an absolute and unwavering Belief (amongst other things).

Henry Ford had a team of designers and engineers, who he instructed to design and build a V-8 engine. Right from the start, this team told Henry that it was impossible to cast an eight cylinder engine block in one piece.

Nevertheless, Henry paid their salaries and instructed them not to worry about it, but just to get on and produce it anyway.

Each time Henry met with his team, he was met with the same old excuses, but he simply told them to stay on the job until they succeeded, no matter how long it took. Well, the rest is history, because the secret (if there was one) of producing an eight cylinder engine was discovered by Ford’s team.

The message to take from this is that Ford succeeded because his Desire, his Determination and his Belief were unwavering. Even in the face of the extreme negativity of his design team, right from the outset.

They only achieved what they did, because eventually, Ford’s determination and belief that this engine will be produced, finally eradicated their own negative thoughts. They at some stage must have also started to believe that success was achievable. They would have certainly started to make small gains, taking definite steps towards their ultimate goal, gradually being more and more aware that success wasn’t far away.

I’m sure by now, you’ve got the main message that I’ve been trying to get across to you – right?

Your mind, your thoughts, your outlook and your overall approach to your main goals is crucial to your ultimate success. Now I’ve only just scratched the surface here when it comes to the incredible power of your mind and how you can make real progress with the right attitude and approach.

If you’re really serious about your online marketing success (or with anything that you want to succeed in), why not give yourself the best possible start you could.

By taking the right approach to understanding your current situation, you can effectively evaluate exactly where you currently are in your thinking – this is CRUCIAL by the way. Once you have this knowledge, you can then take some definite, targeted action to empower your own mind to deliver you the success you desire.

This is a guest post written by Andrew Vaughan – The author of Mind Magic – The Self Help Master System that can help you achieve the success you deserve and give yourself the best possible opportunity you can to take control and attain your ultimate goals and desires. Check it out here:

Profit From PLR – Your Questions Answered

Since I launched Profit From PLR I have had a few questions so I thought I’d share the most common questions with you.

Q: Is Profit From PLR as easy to follow as you say it is, I mean is it really step by step? I have limited technical skills and I don’t think I’ll be able to follow your course.

A: Yes, Profit From PLR is very very easy to follow. I have created a series of step by step videos and all you have to do is watch and copy. You can also pause the videos if you need to. I have also created a check sheet which you print off and simply tick each task as it is completed.

Q: Do you use the methods you actually teach yourself? Most marketers make money telling you how to make money so what makes you any different?

A: Yes, I do use the methods I teach myself, in fact I create a product from PLR material right in front of you. If you want to see the finished product that I used when creating the videos for Profit From PLR go to and check it out for yourself.

Q: How much work will I have to put in to make this work?

A: Unlike most ‘business in a box’ type products that never usually work you will have to put some initial work in. I would estimate you will need to work for around 8-16 hours to set everything up, but don’t worry as I show you everything that needs to be done. Once your product is set up you’re done and everything works on autopilot. Then all you have to do is move onto the next product, and the next, and the next…

Q: What if I buy your product and I am not happy with it?

A: That’s not a problem, if for whatever reason you are not 100% delighted with your purchase let me know and I’ll refund you. I want you to be happy with your purchase.

Q: Why are you only charging $37 for this, there’s a catch right?

A: Nope! There’s no catch, $37 is all you will pay for this complete step by step home study course, however I will be putting the price up to $97 on Tuesday August 25th so you’d better hurry if you want to purchase at the launch price.

Q: What if I need support, will you help me? I only ask as I’m tired of buying a product only to find I have to wait days for a reply to any questions I have or worse still receive no support at all.

A: I take pride in my support and can promise if you have any issues or problems they will be resolved within 24 hours, usually much sooner.

Q: OK John you’ve sold me, what do I have to do?

A: Simply go to

Q: I have another question.

A: No problem, simply leave your comment/question below and I’ll personally respond.

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