Auction Profit Streams 2.0

If you have purchased Auction Profit Streams 2.0 and would like to leave a testimonial please leave your comments below. Thank you!

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My eBay Feedback Just Increased By 1000 Points

EBay’s new feedback changes have came into effect and if you try and leave feedback for a customer you will now be greeted with this message: As a result of the changes my feedback score increased by over 1000 points overnight because eBay will now award you feedback points for repeat custom and everything has been backdated. So what do…

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I have fully updated to bring it right up to date for 2008. There is a brand new eBook website plus a ton of material you can use to create physical information products to sell on eBay. Check out the website and see behind the scenes by watching the video I have prepared for…

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PlanetSMS Back Open For Business

Finally, I have re-opened my eBay store. Things will be pretty low key for a week or two as I test a few things but rest assured I will share my results. So feel free to browse my store and also feel free to make a purchase 🙂 If you still haven’t watched the…

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I’m Back

For all the details watch the video I have prepared for you by clicking here  or try the secondary link here. I would suggest you watch the video to the very end as I have something special to share. View the listing I talk about in the video here. Grab your NinetyDayPowerSeller discount here. As…

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